Angler's Comments

"I've been fishing inshore for over 12 years and this was by far the greatest fishing I've ever experienced. Perfect location, excellent guide, good luck and timing... The stars aligned and we caught 8 permit between the 2 of us in 2 days, along with over a dozen bonefish and hooked two tarpon."
     Kyle Keeney,  August, 2011

"Overall trip was an A. I love going on an adventure where I don't know what to expect. I was impressed by the condition and cleanliness of Turneffe flats. I have been involved with construction my whole life and understand what it takes to keep things in B plus to A condition. You are there. I was also impressed by the involvement of staff and management with the guests. Everyone just got along. Karen said it best when she said she liked it when a new guest arrived and they couldn't tell which couple was with which group. I know that things start at the top. Craig and Karin, Turneffe Flats is what it is because of your love, devotion and commitment. Thanks so much for sharing it."
     Rick Bresnahan, January 2011

"Room was beyond expectations, Verandah was an unexpected but highly used area that we have some great moments on. Pops was really a great help on the casting coaching, if you have someone that needs work he does great. Capt. did a good job of hunting down the bones I just could not close the deal. Boats were great as well as the operation of such. Daniel was above excellent. He is an asset to the operation. Abel did a great job on a Croc hunt and was a really nice guy! The gals raved about his knowledge. Thanks for opening up your paradise to us! We had a memorable time and look forward to using the pool when it is done."
      Tom and Nancy Hendrix, January 2011

"We are sure you can't find a fishing guide better than Pops. He was always
waiting and ready, extremely knowledgeable about all types of fishing, and
the environment. The conversation was engaging and through his teaching and
instruction our fishing skills improved. We learned a lot about the sport
and the area. We also felt that Ryan as your Director of Fishing did an
excellent job. He was very attentive and ensured we had everything we
needed. We did a one day snorkel to the Blue Hole. Abel was terrific. He
knew a great deal about the reef, sea life, and made every effort to
identify interesting things during the dive. He was also very safety
conscious and cognizant of his snorkelers. Outstanding! The wonderful ladies
that took care of cooking, serving our meals, and making sure our cabanas
were clean were always warm, welcoming, and efficient."
   John Tomkins and Kris Rodale, December,  2010

"Dion was incredible, a true asset to Turneffe and the why my overall experience at Turneffe was excellent. 10 out of 10!  I had high expectations going in and they were exceeded."
       John Blohm, December 2010

The staff at Turneffe Flats is very consistent. Everyone goes out of their way to insure that every detail is taken care of. This includes the kitchen staff bringing appetizers to our porch several times when we were having drinks after a day of activity. It also included wait staff bringing me extra deserts when they realized that I have a sweet tooth. The cleaning staff going beyond the norm to get our laundry finished or making our room perfect everyday. I cannot say enough about the attention to detail from top to bottom with the entire staff. We loved the experience even though I didn't catch the big one. Before we left we were planning our next visit to Turneffe Flats.
      John Pohanka, November '10

"Fabulous renovation of the cabins. These accommodations are equal to the best I've experienced fishing in this part of the world. Congrats on a great job! Great Belizian cooking -
     Leo Henikoff, October, '10

"I think TF is the model of how a lodge should be run."
     Paul Robertson, October '10

"The accommodations were first class. Sitting in the room or the lodge you would never believe that you were 30 miles off the coast of Belize. I'm not sure they get much better than that! All the meals were fabulous and there was plenty to eat. I really enjoyed the variety. Dion did an excellent job putting us on fish. He was very patient with us and we wouldn't have done as well as we did without him. This trip was everything we could have asked for. The accommodations were first class, the food was excellent and the fishing was second to none.
      Stewart Anderson, August '10

"One of the best fishing trips we have ever been to. Was absolutely GREAT!"
       Maciej Rogowiecki, August '10

"Excellent accommodations. Nicest rooms of any lodge we have visited. Mike was probably the best guide we've ever had. Very nice young man and great fisherman."
     Tom Donalson, August '10

"The best overall flats fishing experience we have had. This was an awesome vacation - great fishing, excellent accommodations - this was great family time!! A huge thank you to you and your staff."
     Jan and Greg Lottes, August '10

"Dubs freely corrected without malice and openly encouraged me throughout the week so that at trips end I can honestly say that the total experience on the water with him has made me a substantially better angler with a new found confidence level to continue to pursue my quest for the Grand Slam in fishing"
     Steve D’Onofrio, August '10

"My dad talked about going to fish for bonefish for about thirty years before he finally got to make the trip to Turneffe. He did, in part, because my mom recently told him to either go or stop talking about it. The only hitch in this plan is that he is still talking about it. All four of us had a trip that we will not forget, but my dad got to realize a dream he's been carrying around for at least half of his life. That's a lot of pent-up expectations to live up to when you think about it, and believe me when I tell you that these expectations were blown away. He had the fishing trip of his life, and I thank you for it. "
      Geoffrey Hill, July '10

"Dubs was fantastic. Could not have asked for more. He was not only great at putting me into fish. He was also fantastic about teaching me to fish on the flats. I could not have asked for more. The accommodations were excellent. I have been on numerous trips and this has been the best."
       Bert Piedra, July '10

"Don't do anything different! I love TF and came home relaxed and satisfied, despite the weather problems. After all this many trips, it feels like home." Dubs and Willie were great. There are none better than your guides, I feel. It's one of the main reasons to come to TF. There's no "attitude" problem. I feel they are my friends."
      Ted Harrington, April '10

"By far the best vacation we've ever experienced. Fishing was the best! Eddie took us to fish every day at a variety of locations. He was patient and incredibly helpful with stalking, casting and fish-catching technique for a couple of first-time salt water fly fishing folks. And we caught some great fish."
      Frank & Connie Welter, April '10

"Donna and I loved the place and greatly appreciated the wonderful atmosphere and service. The staff provided outstanding service and they were always there when needed. We were so impressed that the owners were there, had meals with us and obviously cared deeply about their operation. Our guide, Michael, was truly outstanding. We take many fishing trips and your whole operation is at the top of our list!"
      Charlie Gelso and Donna Gopzelanczyk, January '10

"Your operation is absolutely first rate and the attention to detail is obvious. Bravo!"
      Peter Schweikhardt and Laurie Bernstein, January '10

" Turneffe will always be a special place of us! Thank you!"
      Sarah Shelley and Justin Clark, December, '09

"I have been to many fishing lodges in the Pacific, Europe and 'downunder' and I must say you operations are far superior than I ever encountered."
      Robert Knight, November, '09

"My experience at T-Flats was remarkable. I have been fishing for 40+ years and have never experienced fish that were so strong as the bone, permit and tarpon that I hooked. My return won't be soon enough."
      Paul Daggatt, July '08

"The fly fishing was just awesome and our guide was the best of the best that I ever had. Looking forward to returning to Turneffe Flats!"
      Joe Ullery, June '08

"Turneffe Flats was the perfect vacations for my wife and I. Bonefish were everywhere on the flats and I had numerous shots at permit on a daily basis. My wife love the Atoll Adventure package. The lodge and staff went out of there way to make our stay comfortable. We will definitely be back."
      Chris Lali, June '08

"Have been chasing salt water fly fishing experiences for 25 years. This was the best overall."
      Jeff Morray, May '08

"Have Turneffe Flats is the best run fishing lodge I have experienced. Great people in a simply beautifual location. A joy to be there."
      Richard Morrison, May '08

"Beautiful place to visit, relax, make great new friends, and experience the excitement of seeing and catching fish”.
      David & Dawn Fleig, May '08

"This is our fourth trip to Turneffe Flats and we look forward to many more. The location is a dream come true. The epitome of island life. Palm trees, white sand beach, hammock and a cold beer. It doesn't get any better. But wait, it does get better - the fishing is awesome."
     Don and Kimberly Hicks, May '08

"This was my 5th trip to Turneffe Flats. I know what I am going to get. It's always first class. The staff is GREAT! Craig and Karen have a lot to be proud of. Thanks again"
     Shakey Owens, April '08

"You guys are the greatest! Love the way you run your operation with such a beautiful customer focus! It is only matched by the beauty and serenity of the setting! Thank you so much for your care and attention!"
     Dottie and Jim Edler, April '08

"I had a Brilliant time! My Guides were incredible and will definitely use them again when I return. The Staff and Management are friendly and first class. I was not ready to leave. I can't wait to go back!!"
      Tasha Langner, April '08

"New 10 wt floating line, $65. Round trip airfare to Belize City, $725.00 Catching your first Grand Slam, Priceless."
      Guy Penkert, March '08

"I honestly cannnot imagine a better run sesort for saltwater flyfishing. Nor can I imagine a location where the fish ares so abundant."
      Frank Slak, March '08

"Excellent fishing, great guide and a wonderful accommodations and food. Turneffe is an amazingly beautiful palce. We'll be back!"
      Thatcher Baker, March 08

"Excellent fishing, Dubs and Pops are the two best guides I have fished with from Scotland to South America."
      Tichard Tenenbown, March 08

"I have, and will continue, to advise my clients that Turneffe Flats is the premier lodge in Belize. The entire experience was very professional and all of the staff were very interested in making this a wonderful adventure. My wife and I will return as often as our hectic lives will permit. Well Done."
      Jim & Romona Melnick, March '08

"Turneffe Flats is a unique place. The natural beauty is worth the trip. The owners and staff are thoughtful and professional. Oh yes, the fishing is great too!"
      Ralph Allen, February '08

"Our first saltwater fishing adventrue was a blast at Turneffe Flats. It surpassed our expectations because we didn't expect to have permit, bonefish and tarpon available at that time of year. The guide helped us a lot."
      George Hu, October , '07