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Belize fly fishing report, belize permit fishing, bonefishing belize - Turneffe Flats Belize

Weekly fishing reports from the fishing guides and guests of Turneffe Flats.  Check back each week for updates on weather conditions and bonefish, permit, and tarpon fishing success.

Reports about fly fishing in Belize, fishing for Bonefish, fishing for permit, and tarpon at Turneffe Flats.

fishing reports

Aug 31- Sept 7, 2019

Weather:  A really nice week; warm temps and sunny skies

Air Temp: 83-88 degrees F

Water Temp 79-82 degrees F
Wind: 5-15 from the East/Southeast

Tides: High tide of .96 feet at 11am on Sunday provided an incoming tide for much of the week.

Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon on Sept. 5th

 Our fishing program this week had 6 skiffs plying our 450 square mile marine reserve. We had a mix of both experienced as well as well as new-to-saltwater anglers. After last weeks, breezy conditions, light winds prevailed and with good light it made for good fishing and catching. Our tarpon fishing continued to be strong with good numbers of tarpon sighted, jumped, and landed this week.

 Hailing from Hoedspirit & Cape Town, South Africa, Duncan M. and Christiaan L. visited Turneffe Flats for their initial saltwater fly fishing experience.  Starting big, right out of the gate, their first day ended with several bonefish landed as well as Duncan landing a 60# tarpon.  After a great start, Chris continued the next day and landed his first permit on Tuesday.  Both anglers jumped tarpon on Wednesday and on Thursday, Chris had connected with a large permit.  After having it on for several minutes and thinking it was tired, the permit separated the tippet and left him trembling.  On Friday, it was Duncan’s turn as he landed his first permit during the late morning.  A very successful trip for these world travelling anglers.

 Bruce R. and Kim H. arrived from Tallahassee, FL. Having never fished in saltwater, the angling couple began the week focused on bonefish on Sun/Mon and then transitioned to other species.  Both anglers connected with multiple bonefish and had shots at both tarpon and permit.  On Wednesday, Bruce caught not only his first permit and first tarpon, but also completed his first Grand Slam!  At dinner that night, he said it was something that he hadn’t thought about much and was “amazed that it just kind of happened.” Kim hooked multiple tarpon over the course of their stay and applauded guide Dion’s efforts.

 Nathan D. & Michael B. came to Turneffe Flats by way of Canton and Dawsonville, GA respectively. This angling pair fished the week with Mark and Kimbral.  Nathan, an experienced saltwater angler, came searching for his first permit as the black tailed devil had eluded him on several previous trips. Mike was ready to tangle with the big three species. This angling pair started with Nathan landed his first permit on Sunday morning, and finalizing the day by etching his first ‘Grand Slam’.  Not to be outdone, Mike landed a Grand Slam the following day. Two grand slams in two days for this pair! After a “quiet” Tuesday, the pair rotated guides with another two anglers and Michael hooked a slam, but failed to land the permit. The angling pair reported numerous connections with tarpon and bonefish the remaining two days and additional ‘shots’ at permit.  A great week for these two anglers.

 Bob S. Fort Worth, TX and Clint W. of Cherry Log, GA are cousins that enjoy fishing together.  With minimal flats experience prior to arrival, the angling pair spent their opening day focusing on bonefish.  Monday was much different as the pairing returned for lunch having jumped 2 tarpon that morning. One of the fish was “5 feet long” and left Clint in awe. On Wednesday, both anglers landed their first fly rod tarpon as well as numerous bonefish. Clint added to his tarpon on Thursday and finished the week alternating between hunting bonefish and tarpon. Both anglers very much appreciated guide Mark’s calm and patient demeanor.

 From Alpharetta, GA, Steve S. and Darren K. arrived with permit dreams and the willingness to chase all of flats species.  Each morning and evening found Darren and Steve wading the backreef flat in front of the lodge property. The first couple days the angling pair had numerous shots at permit, jumped several tarpon and landed many bonefish.  On Wednesday, Darren had a large permit crush his fly.  Darren was sure that he had the fish hooked well with a proper strip strike on the eat, but the fly came back to him in 10 seconds. The fly was physically crushed by the permit with the hook smashed into a little ball. Darren was heartbroken, but regrouped the next day and  the anglers jumped multiple tarpon and landed several. The week came to a great close with Darren getting the second chance he desired as he landed his first permit on Friday morning. 

 Cori C. and Al Rossmeisi. were an angling couple that hailed from Salem, OR.  After a slow 1st day of hunting for permit, Al switched gears and jumped a 60# tarpon on Monday morning. He leadered the fish at the side of the skiff, just prior to the leader separating. Fishing with Dubs’ they reported lots of Permit shots’, but could not get the firm ‘eat’ that they so longed for. They discussed returning, possibly with several other fishing couples.

As a matter of policy to ensure privacy, Turneffe Flats does not use last names of guests in our reports.                   

August 17 - 24, 2019

Weather: Windy

Air Temp: 84 - 92 degrees F

Water Temp 80-82 degrees F

Wind: 7-20 MPH from the East/Southeast

Tides:  High tide of 11:30 AM on Sunday with a rising tides progressing through the day during

             the week

Moon Phase: Last quarter moon, August 23

 After three stellar weeks in a row, including multiple Grand Slams, we were due for a mediocre week of fishing. The week started with a strong southeasterly wind which persisted most of the week. Although some big migratory tarpon were jumped and everyone had good permit shots, the wind seemed to affect the tarpon fishing as well as the permit fishing, As usual, bonefishing was stellar.

 Peter, Elizabeth, Thomas and Grace M., from England, visited with 11- year old, Thomas and 8 - year old, Grace experiencing their first saltwater fishing. With the help of Mom and Dad, both caught around 20 bonefish on day one in a mud. Thomas then advanced to the flats with Dubs where he spotted, cast to and landed several nice bones like a pro. In addition to fishing, the whole family enjoyed some wonderful snorkeling with Alton, and also spent a good deal of time at the lodge swimming pool. Mom and Dad managed to do some fishing as well and had a few shots and permit and rolling tarpon.

Tom S. and Carole A., from Windsor, CO, visited to fish and enjoy our Atoll Adventure program. While Carole concentrated on snorkeling and had a great time with Abel, Tom landed first ever permit with Chris. Additionally, Tom landed a Queen fish and a bonefish for some sort of a triad.

 John M., from Eagle, ID, was on the tail end of a longer trip to Belize. Fishing only part of the week, John landed 2 permit and had plenty of other shots including casts to some very big permit on his last day.

 Brad K, from Toronto, Ont, returned to concentrate on permit with Dion. On his second day. Brad landed two nice permit and had plenty of shots on most days.

 Reid D., from Southlake, Tx., visited for the first half of the week to concentrate on permit and tarpon. Although he had some shots fishing with Chris, Reid wasn’t able to bring a permit to the boat.

 Jack S., a return guest from Hudson, WI, jumped several big tarpon during the week and also had shots and permit. Additionally, he has some good bonefishing landing one really nice 6+ pound fish with Mark.

 Frank L., returned from Littleton, CO, to concentrate on permit and tarpon. Frank had plenty of good shots and jumped a couple of big (100 lb+) tarpon.

 Jeff T., from Ceville, GA, enjoyed his first saltwater flyfishing trip and primarily concentrated on bonefish. On his last day, Jeff stalked and landed an 5 lb. bonefish on his own – a great accomplishment for his first trip.  Jeff also took some time off to snorkel. 

As a matter of policy to ensure privacy, Turneffe Flats does not use last names of guests in our reports.

August 10 - 17, 2019

 Weather:  There were intermittent clouds and a few squalls during the week, but generally good weather.

Air Temp: 85-92 degrees F

Water Temp 80-82 degrees F
Wind: 5-15 from the East/Southeast

Tides:  High tide of 6:44 AM on Sunday with a rising tide in the early AM and falling tides throughout the day

Moon Phase: Full Moon Thursday, August 15

 A very good week of fishing with lots of tarpon jumped, several permit hooked and some landed and plenty of bonefish landed. We had two more GRAND SLAMS this week making it nine in the past three weeks. Below are some of the highlights.

Tom & Sue B, from Fort Collins, CO, stayed over from the prior week to fish for an additional three days. On his first day, Tom landed a nice permit. On day two, he landed his first Grand Slam with Alton in addition to a jack crevalle and a barracudaSue split her time between fishing and snorkeling and aside from plenty of bonefish, a highlight was watching a permit try to eat her fly and having a jack dart in front to take her fly. She did land a nice 12 lb.jack crevalle.   

Zach L., from Boulder, CO, landed his Grand Slam on his 2nd day with Daniel. In addition, Zach jumped multiple tarpon with one notable fish which he and Daniel landed after his drag completely failed. A combination of palming his reel and following the fish got the job done.  Zach had good shots at permit and landed a nice trigger fish in the surf on his final day.

Return guest, Mike M., from Midland, TX, fished with Dion and concentrated on permit and tarpon. He landing two nice permit and enjoyed some great sight casting to tarpon. Mike landed tarpon and bonefish in addition to his permit.  

Bill M., from Lafayette, CO, took a couple of days to forget his trout set and get the hang of saltwater fly fishing. On his 2nd day, he hooked a nice permit but a trout set broke him off. Bill had some great tarpon fishing during his week with Dubs jumping a couple of fish estimated at around 150 lbs. and landing a couple others.

Tracy F., from Dallas, TX, fished with John and concentrated mostly on tarpon. Tracy jumped several fish throughout the week and landed more than his share.

Matt R., Boulder, CO, hit our “home flat” most mornings along with Rob and Zach. Matt had good all-round fishing week jumping several tarpon, hooking permit, landing a trigger fish and catching plenty of bonefish.

Al M., from NY, NY, concentrated on bonefish but also had a few good permit chances. He also enjoyed a couple of afternoons of snorkeling and relaxing with his wife.

Group leader, Rob K., from Longmont, CO, hit home flat each AM with Zach and Matt. He had good shots at permit and had several tarpon eats. As the gracious host he is, Rob sacrificed quite a bit of time to help his clients.

 Tim R, from Hanover, PA., and Matt F., Cape Coral, FL., joined us for a two-day fishing trip – their first flats fishing experience. They opted for fly fishing gear and landed several bonefish while learning about fly fishing on the flats with Alton. They made excellent progress in a couple of days and also cast for tarpon without success.  

As a matter of policy to ensure privacy, Turneffe Flats does not use last names of guests in our reports.             

August 3 - 10, 2019

Weather:  The first half of the week pleasant weather, and a mild tropical wave the last two days bringing some overcast skies and increased winds.

Air Temp: 85-92 degrees F

Water Temp 80-82 degrees F

Wind: 5-15 from the East/Southeast

Tides:  High tide of 12:30 PM on Sunday with a rising tide in the AM, progressing to mid-day.

Moon Phase: New Moon Wednesday, July 31

Another excellent week of fishing. This group, which included several return guests, only landed two Grand Slams – down from five last week. Tarpon fishing was excellent and a number of permit were also landed. Bonefishing was good - particularly for those who concentrated on bones. Below are some of the highlights.

 Greg H., from McGregor, TX, started his week with a Grand Slam on day one. On his second day, Greg landed another nice tarpon and thereafter enjoyed a variety of fishing challenges including barracuda, trigger fish and bonefish.

Return guest, Dave S, from St. Simons, GA, hooked a Grand Slam on his 2nd day but broke off the permit. The following day, he landed a Grand Slam with Dion and also jumped several more tarpon.  

Tom and Sue B. from Fort Collins, CO, had an excellent week. As return guests, Tom landed his first-ever permit with Mark - a very nice permit which looked to be every bit of 25 pounds. To follow-up, Tom landed a big tarpon and jumped several others. On Friday, Sue jumped her first tarpon which, unfortunately, came unbuttoned after several jumps. Both Tom and Sue also enjoyed good bonefishing.

During his week, Sean M. from Golden, CO, Thurs. landed his first-ever permit and leadered a huge tarpon estimated in the 170 lb. range on his last day. Sean also enjoyed some good bonefishing and jumped a few more tarpon.

Chris C., from Denver, CO, had a good week fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon. He jumped several tarpon, had good shots at permit and landed several bones.

Nathan and Walton B., from Canterbury, AL, returned to TF for a father and son week. Nathan hooked two permit and landed one. He also lost a big tarpon at the boat when rod exploded. Walt did some successful bonefishing and also enjoyed some eco-touring/snorkeling with Abel.

Return guest, Robert K., from So. Hadley, MA, had some excellent days of bonefishing on the flats with Pops landing 8 bonefish and breaking off several others on his first day and continuing from there. Robert also had some permit chances but wasn’t able to hook one.

David L, from Westminster, SC, spent time hunting for permit and had several good chances. He  jumped at least two tarpon and landed one. In addition, Dave landed some nice bones.

Tim W., from Palm Desert, CA, had lots of permit shots, jumped two tarpon and landed bonefish on the flats.

As a matter of policy to ensure privacy, Turneffe Flats does not use last names of guests in our reports.                    

July 27 – August 3, 2019

Weather:  A very nice week with blue skies and a light SE breeze

Air Temp: 85-93 degrees F

Water Temp 80-82 degrees F
Wind: 0-10 from the East/Southeast

Tides:  High tide of 8:00 am on Sunday with a rising tide during the day all week

Moon Phase: New Moon Wednesday, July 31

We had an exception week of fishing this week with five (5) Grand Slams, 11 permit and several large tarpon landed. Most days, this group was up at dawn fishing the home flats and back on the home flat in the evening. Somehow, they found time to drink a few Belikins.

 Kelly O., from Lethridge, Canada, returned to Turneffe Flats with a group of good anglers taking a break from their summer trout fishing. On Thursday, Kelly landed a Double Grand Slam and was only a tarpon short of a 3rd Slam.  During the week, Kelly hooked eight permit and landed four.

 Return Guest, Kevin J., from Portland, OR, also had an exceptional week landing his first Grand Slam as well two more tarpon. Kevin had several additional permit opportunities while landing some nice bonefish.

 Rob Eggers, from Bend, OR, landed a Grand Slam on his first day of saltwater fly fishing and nearly had a Super Slam later in the week. In addition, Rob boated a couple of tarpon and plenty of bones. Rob fished the Home Flat up to the last minute landing two bonefish before the boat left on Saturday.

 Marcus K, from Gallatin Gateway, MT, also had an exception week landing a Grand Slam when his tarpon was leadered. He had some additional good permit opportunities and landed a few nice bonefish.

 Bill F, from Desmoines, IA visited with his family for his first saltwater trip. In addition to a couple of snorkeling adventures with his wife, Katherine, and daughter, Zoey, Bill landed a tarpon in the 120 lb. range along with several nice bonefish – his largest on the home flat in front of the lodge. Bill ended several days catching horse eye jacks from the dock.

 Mark B, from Dallas, Tx, had a great week landing his first ever permit and several bones. He hooked a couple of tarpon but wasn’t able to get one to the boat.

 Andrew S, from Big Sky, MT, had a great week landing a nice permit and a 100 + pound tarpon along with plenty of bonefish.

 Jesse McClung, from Bozeman, MT, landed his first permit on a fly and hooked two others.

 John B., from Big Sky, MT, landed his first permit on a fly and had several other close calls.

 Peter L., Troy B. and Curt T., all from Bend, OR, visited the first half of the week. Curt landed his first-ever permit and had shots at several more. Peter and Troy also had several permit opportunities as well as good bonefishing.

 Eric and Max M., from Littleton, CO, snuck away from the rest of their family vacationing elsewhere in Belize for a couple of days of flats fishing. Concentrating mostly on tarpon, they jumped 4 fish and landed one during their two-day visit.

December 1 - 8, 2018

 Weather:  A really nice week overall; warm temps, light winds, sunny skies

Air Temp: 81-85 degrees F

Water Temp 79-81 degrees F
Wind: 5-15 from the East/Southeast

Tides:  High tide of 7:40 am on Monday with a rising tide during the morning hours all week

Moon Phase: New Moon Friday, Dec 7th

 Most of our anglers were return guests this week and they enjoyed pleasant weather and good fishing in the 450 square mile Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve.

 Tim H., from Selah, WA, fished with Dion. With little saltwater experience, Tim was here to see what Turneffe had to offer and to learn more about a new sport. To start with, Tim and Dion landed a few bonefish. On Monday, Tim’s week was made when he landed his first-ever permit. He was very quiet all week but on the last evening, with a little prodding, he modestly told us that he’d had a pretty good week. When asked how good, he casually mentioned that he had landed 6 permit during the week, and also mentioned that he’d lost several others. Tim very much enjoyed the solitary beauty of fishing Turneffe Atoll and said that he would be back next year with his wife, whom he says is more competitive than he is. One of Tim’s permit can be seen at:

 Paul and Jeannine B. arrived from Port Lavaca, TX for their yearly Turneffe Flats adventure.  Paul always enjoys a Combination Package, meaning he can fish or dive as he chooses, and Jeanine is an avid diver. Fishing with Erwin, Paul focused mainly on bonefish and improving his casting/fishing skills. He landed numerous bonefish and appreciated Erwin’s easy going personality. We look forward to seeing Paul and Jeannine next November.

 Darrell and Linda W., of West Linn, OR, were return guests who had a very successful week a couple of years ago and were hoping for more than the same. With requested guide Daniel on the platform, they started with numerous bonefish and several shots at permit. On their second day, Linda started it off with her first permit ever. Way to go Linda!  With Linda “happy as a clam,” they put more focus on Darrell’s quest for a permit. On Wednesday, Darrell landed a permit followed by a second on Thursday. Both left feeling their fishing week was a success and talking about arrangements for next year at TF with Daniel.

 Past guests Bill and Ross W, a father-son angling duo, arrived ready to pursue all species. Ross also planned to join our snorkeling program for a day or two, but that never happened because a fishing competition broke out between father and son – who could catch the most fish. They landed numerous bonefish, snapper, barracuda, and a variety of jacks. It seems that Ross won their tournament and a rematch is scheduled for next year, same time and place.  To rub a little salt in the wound, Ross landed his first permit late in the week – a fine fish that ran into the backing several times. Way to go Ross!

 From Yakima, WA, Tom B., was another new-to-saltwater angler, along with his fishing buddy to Tim H.  Although the two anglers work and enjoy fishing trips together, they prefer to have their own guide and skiff. Fishing with Alton, Tom started his week focusing on bonefish, but with a little encouragement from Tim, spent some time fishing for permit and other species.  Although he didn’t land a permit this time, he left a better saltwater angler and in awe of the elusive permit. We hope to see Tim and Tom next year.

November 24 - December 1, 2018

 Weather:  Pleasant weather most of the week

Air Temp: 80-85 degrees F

Water Temp 79-81 degrees F

Wind: Easterly 5-15mph, switching to NE on Thursday, Nov 29

Tides:  With a high tide of .6 ft on Monday at 11:30am, the incoming tide was in th afternoon

Moon Phase: Last quarter moon on November 28

 This week saw a great mix of return and new guests at Turneffe Flats. We had 6 skiffs on the 325 acre Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve with most anglers landing at least one permit in addition to plenty of bonefish.  All in all, it was a good week of fishing.

 Past guests Mark and Shelby V. of Rapid City, SD were joined by friends, Greg and Jo C, of Laramie, WY for a week of snorkeling and fishing. Mark and Greg fished while Shelby and Jo enjoyed the Atoll Adventure program. They spent the first day getting in the swing of things bonefishing on the  back-reef flats; however, their main target was permit.  Fishing with Dubs, they each landed two permit during the week. This was Greg’s first flats-fishing trip and it likely won’t be his last. Congrats go out to both anglers.

 Return guests, Bill K. and Doug F. of Cleveland and Mills, OH reminisced about their previous trips at Turneffe Flats.  With their efforts focused squarely on permit, and with Dion on the platform,  they were positioned for good permit fishing. Bill struck first, landing his first permit ever on Wednesday.  Not to be outdone, Doug then landed a permit on Thursday completing their goal for the week. With numerous flats trips under his belt, Bill claimed his permit to be a $60,000 fish! We hope he was just kidding!  Both were talking of re-booking as they departed and we look forward to seeing them again. Pics of Bill and his first permit can be seen at our facebook page at

 After meeting on a previous fishing trip, friends Tim J. of Whitefish, MT and Hunter C., Fuderdsey, VA have bounced around the world fishing together ever since. Paired with Mark, the anglers set modest goals for the week. Their first couple days, were spent splitting shots at bonefish.  One Tuesday, Hunter struck early in day…hooking and landing his first permit!  Tim then gave Hunter the bow for the rest of the day, while they searched for a ‘grand slam’.  He got a bonefish quickly and although they had several shots at tarpon, they were not able to get the connection they sought.  Way to go Hunter! 

 Chris & Tom A. visited us for the time. This father-son combo do not get to fish together often as Chris lives in Costa Rica while Tom hails from Kohler, WI.  A certified diver, Chris planned on spending a bit of his stay diving or snorkeling, but after getting multiple shots at shallow water permit, he had the fishing bug and didn’t let go.  Diving and snorkeling soon were on the back-burner as Chris and Tom chose to hunt permit in the central lagoon and back reef flats. Having previously fished elsewhere in Belize, Chris and Tom were amazed at the miles of prime fishing habitat and the numbers of bonefish and permit they saw. Both agreed that Turneffe Atoll is one of the prettiest and most productive places to fish and dive that they have ever been to.  We hope to see them both back in the future.

Return guests, Bing G., Mat M., Peter O., brought friend and fellow fisher David N. for his first-time visit.  These four anglers arrived on our Fish/Dive Combination package with plans to do one dive each day, before having their fishing skiff pick them up at the dive boat to fish the rest of the day.  Turneffe is one of the only places in the World where this is a viable option with world class flats fishing and diving so close at hand. They rotated skiffs each day to share their adventures. David, as the non-diver in the group, added a Discover Scuba Diving course and was able to experience something new with his buddies. Hailing from British Columbia and Ontario, the quartet were happy to enjoy some warm weather prior to the long winter ahead.

Howard and Kenna Sue T, of Denver, CO, spent the first half of the week with our Atoll Adventure program, before switching to fishing. Howard also snuck in an extra day of fishing on Tuesday with guest Pops. He said returning from snorkeling each day and hearing about everyone else’s catches was just too much and he didn’t think that 3 days was enough. Fishing with Chris, both Howard and Kenna Sue caught bonefish on their first day of flats fishing.  

Bert K, from Julien, NC visited for a short stay. He and wife, Jean were on our Inland/Island Package with Chaa Creek.  This package allows our guests to see more of Belize combining 3 days of fishing and snorkeling at Turneffe with Belize’s rainforest at Chaa Creek Lodge. Paired with, Pops, Bert focused on bonefish. He split his time fishing from the skiff and wading the back reef flats.  Bert caught his first bonefish within an hour of learning how to cast.  He caught more than 10 bonefish in each of his first three days with us and by Tuesday afternoon was catching fish wading the flats. He joined forces on Tuesday with another angler, Howard T, who also caught his first-ever bonefish.


November 17-24, 2018

Weather: Cloudy, with some rain Sunday thru Tuesday, converting to pleasant and sunny Wed thru Friday

Air Temp: Highs of mid-80's, lows of mid-70's
Water Temp: 79-81 degrees F
Wind: 10-20 mph from the North Sun & Monday, switching to 5-15 mph from the East
Tides: High tide was .7 ft at 7am on Monday, giving our anglers an incoming tide during their morning
Moon Phase:  Full Moon on Thursday, November 22nd

This was a week of two personalities weather-wise as our guests were greeted with breezy, cloudy days and some rain to start the week, breaking to warm, sunny, and pleasant mid-week.  With progressively better weather, came progressively better fishing.  We had a nice mix of return and first-time guests with 4 skiffs and 7 anglers plying their craft throughout our 450 square mile marine reserve.

Kami & Nick S. of Durango, CO are ardent anglers that have fished elsewhere in the region, as well as Belize.  First-time guests to Turneffe Flats, this angling couple was paired up with Dion to show them the waters of Turneffe Atoll.  For the first couple days, they focused on bonefish  but also hunted permit within our protected central lagoon.  They reported seeing good numbers of permit several times, but couldn’t get connected.  As the weather improved, they spent additional effort and time hunting permit.  On Thursday, their goals became reality as both Kami and Nick both landed permit!  They ended the day with 3 total permit and spent the rest of the day searching for the ‘grand slam.’  Both anglers caught bonefish, and Nick landed a snook.  Although tarpon were spotted, they couldn’t bring  a tarpon to hand  to complete the grand slam for Kami and the super slam for Nick.  Upon departure, both said they were looking forward to returning soon.

Return guest, David C. arrived for a short half-week stay as part of a two-week tour across Belize.  Hailing from Grand Isle, VT, David shared a skiff with another solo angler, Matt S., of Duluth, MN.  Their travelling companions, Barb and Michelle, took s in  part in our Atoll Adventure program.  After a slow start on Sunday, these two anglers reported landing over 50 total bonefish on Monday and Tuesday..  Wow, what a way to regroup.  They also reported seeing and getting several shots at permit while wading the eastside flats. 

 Heading our way from Bozeman, MT, was Gray Y.  After spending several weeks elsewhere in Belize, Gray was looking forward to more open space at Turneffe Flats. Asking to fish with several different guides,, Gray started the week with, Alton and finished the week with Daniel.  Gray, a well-established angler, made the most of his week with us.  He caught bonefish out of the gate and had consistent fishing each day.  He was often  seen on the home flat prior to breakfast as well as in the evening after the guided day.  On Friday, Gray shared his skiff with travelling angler, Cody M. of Austin, TX.  Cody, a first time saltwater angler,  caught several bonefish the first day including a fine 5+ pound specimen that tore into his backing several times.  Gray remained permit obsessed and although getting many shots, never got the ‘eat’ that he was seeking.  Gray and Cody ended their stay chasing permit and bonefish Friday afternoon, primarily while wading, which was both their favorite way to fish.

 Jim P., from Stanford, CA, arrived to fish with oft-requested guide, Dubs.  Fishing solo, Jim’s primary focus was on bonefish, although with Dubs’ encouragement, they spent some time fishing for permit.  Jim reported seeing large numbers of bonefish each day.  He hooked ample fish each day, although he remarked that the coral made landing  them  a bit tough.  He had a great time fishing our ocean-side backreef flats and mixing fishing while wading and from the skiff.  We look forward to seeing Jim again soon.

November 4-11, 2017

Weather: Light to moderate winds throughout the week with mixed sun and clouds.  A Northerly wind prevailed from start to finish.

Air Temp: Highs of mid-80's, lows of mid-70's
Water Temp: 78-80 degrees F
Wind: Northerly winds throughout the week averaging 5-10 mph
Tides: High tide at 11:06AM on Sunday with a mid-day rising tide throughout the week.
Moon Phase:  Full Moon on Friday, November 3rd.

We had a great mix guests this week with all skiffs out each day and several Atoll Adventures and divers. Nearly half of our anglers were repeat visitors which is always a treat. Despite an somewhat challenging week of fishing, likely correlated with a front and dominant northerly winds,  all guests seemed to have a great time. There were some notable catches during the week including several permit, a few tarpon and several snook, as well as numerous bonefish. A highlight of the weeks was a Grand Slam by Rodney D. on Thursday.  Here are the reports from our anglers:

Many-time return guest Stu R. visited from Marco Island, FL to continue pursuing an ambitious "lifetime" permit goal with guides Mark and Alton. We believe that goal is indeed achievable for Stu, being a highly-skilled and dedicated saltwater angler. This week he added three more permit to an already-enviable track record.

Steve and Madalaine M. returned to Turneffe Flats from Broomfield, CO, for Steve's second visit in two months.  It had been longer since Madalaine's last visit, however they both picked up where they left off with Steve landing a nice permit and Madalaine hooking one! As hardcore anglers, they also landed several large bonefish and had numerous additional permit shots.  We look forward to seeing Steve and Madalaine again soon. 

First-time Turneffe Flats angler Rodney D. of Topsail Beach, NC fished with veteran guide Daniel. Early in the week, they spent quite a bit of time poling our oceanside flats. Rodney landed so many bonefish in plain view of the lodge that onlookers had to stop counting! The highlight and "MVP" award this week must go to Rodney for landing his first Grand Slam. After landing bonefish and permit in the first 30 MINUTES on Thursday, Daniel and Rodney spent the rest of the day searching for resident tarpon.  Late in the afternoon, along the mangroves a short distance to our lodge, Rodney landed a 25-lb tarpon to complete his Slam.

Steve and Carole B. of Estes Park, CO have been considered part of Turneffe Flats' extended family for some time. In addition to being among our favorite guests, conservation advocates, and dinner companions, they are fine flats anglers. A school of 10-12 LARGE tarpon presented an exciting opportunity for Steve and Carole early in the week, but they could not quite entice an eat.  Numerous bones and a couple of hooked permit had to suffice for the week. We look forward to seeing Steve and Carole next time.

Craig B. and Keith T., also of the Boulder area,  fished together while their respective "better halves" were diving and snorkeling. These gents are both hardcore anglers and they came prepared with ample hand-tied flies for Turneffe Atoll.  Our weather this week limited their permit encounters, but Craig and Keith did well fishing for bones with guide, "Pops".

Friends Bill L. and Brad P. of Boise, ID fished with veteran guide Willy, and they were accompanied by their lovely wives Bonnie and Heidi who enjoyed our scuba diving program. These guys know how to have fun an our staff thoroughly enjoyed their camaraderie and wit. Bill and Brad focused on bonefish during the week and landed plenty. 

Phil B. of Boulder, CO, fished as a single angler with guide, John, for most of the week. Being an avid saltwater angler and destination lodge traveler, Phil was well prepared for this first visit to Turneffe. He and John fished hard, reporting LOTS of permit shots. Despite quite a few good presentations, Phil was unable to get  a permit to ‘eat’.  Phil did hook and land a couple of nice snook including the same aggressive snook twice on one cast!

David M. of Boulder, CO, also fished solo with guide Kimbral and they had a blast. David's experience and Kimbral's guiding afforded them numerous shots at permit and a few 'eats.'  Unfortunately, lady luck was not with them as they failed to bring a permit to hand.  David did land several other species throughout the week, and hopefully he will connect with a permit on the next trip. We certainly hope to see both David and wife Bronwyn back soon. 

August 22 – 29, 2017

Weather: Overall nice conditions with the occasional fast passing squall

Air Temp: Highs of mid-80s to low-90s
Water Temp: 80-82 degrees
Wind: Variable winds started the week as ENE and 5-15mph, diminishing to light and variable for Thurs and Fri
Tides: With high tide at 8:38 am on Sunday, this presented an incoming tide for our anglers to fish through the morning hours for most of the week
Moon Phase:  New Moon on Sunday, July 23rd.

We had a nice mix of anglers and four of our eleven fishermen were returning guests to Turneffe Flats.   The week provided us with several notable catches and it is always nice for us to see some familiar faces.  More and more of our anglers are happy to beat the heat of the continental United States and head to our pleasant temperatures during the summer months for a bit of relief as well as some of our best  fishing!  Here are the reports from our anglers:

Many time return guests Carson O. and Frayser W., of Charlottesville, VA, are hard-charging anglers that are often the first to fish on the home flat each morning.  Their goal is catch a bonefish every day prior to breakfast so that they can focus on the ‘grand slam’ during the day.  Preferring to hunt primarily for permit and tarpon, Carson and Frayser took turns between casting and taking the pictures.  Frayser had a fabulous week, jumping tarpon five of his six angling days and on Wednesday he added a permit to the mix.  Carson got several ‘eats’ from permit, but couldn’t keep one tight from start to finish.  He also, spent ample time trying to get a ‘poon’ to eat a surface popper and on Thursday had a fish of roughly 60# takes several swipes, but missed connecting solidly.  Frayser, after observing the spectacle, cast a traditional fly pattern and was happy to have the tarpon attack the traditional fly on the first cast.  Both anglers were one landed fish from a ‘grand slam’ on multiple days this week!  We will look forward to seeing these two back on what has become an annual July trip.

Another many-time past guest, is Enrico P. of Little Neck, NY.  Requesting and fishing with guide ‘Dubs,’ this long time angling pair got reacquainted and quickly set their sights on connecting with one of Turneffe Atoll’s many permit.  Enrico and Dubs’ reported having numerous shots each and every day, particularly on the incoming and high side of our tide cycle.  They scoured the outer flats as well as the lee flats of our interior lagoon.  Twice he tried to refocus his efforts by enjoying a massage after his fishing day.  Unfortunately, Enrico was unable to get a solid ‘eat’ that he sought during the week.  He considered staying another week, but decided that he needed to get back to work.  He inquired about fishing and scheduling two back-to-back weeks to fish in 2018.  We would love for him to stay two weeks with us.

Mike H. of Matawan, NJ. is an another Turneffe Flats veteran many times over. Mike prefers spin fishing over fly fishing as well as targeting the larger species that Turneffe Atoll has to offer.  With guide Mark at the helm, Mike started the week strong, jumping several tarpon over the first couple of days and landing several fish in the 30-70# class.  Tuesday afternoon brought one of the most unique happenings of the week.  As Mike was casting a large surface popper into a channel with rolling tarpon, 2 large shapes came up out of the depth, dodged back and forth and after what seemed like eternity… one slammed the popper.  After seeing the shape and slash on the surface, both guide and angler were both thinking ‘jack’ after the initial run.  After the third long run, the fish was no match for the tarpon-sized gear that Mike was using.  As the fish was played closer, they realized that the fish was not just ‘a jack’, but a huge permit.  After propping it out of the water for a quick pic and with popper removed, the fish was taped out at almost 44” in length.  Not only a spectacular catch, but what a way to do it.  Both guide and angler had never heard nor ever seen such a thing!  Mike finished the week landing a couple more tarpon as well as a large cubera snapper.  His last words to us were “See ya next July.”  We will look forward to hosting Mike’s next trip to Turneffe Flats.

Hailing from Fredericksburg, VA, Jim & Mary A. are first time Turneffe Flats guests who seemed upset to be leaving at the end of this week.  Jim even offered to “work’ for free if he could figure out a long-term situation!  This angling pair focused on learning the intricacies of saltwater flats fishing and described guide John as ‘a perfect fit for their needs.’  With bonefishing as their primary agenda, they mixed up fishing time between wading our back- reef flats as well as poling from the skiff.  Both reported catching numerous bonefish daily as well as finding other targets as well with jacks, barracuda, and snapper making up a mixed bag.  They tried hunting for permit, but decided that they liked the almost constant action the other species provided.  Jim was happy to leave the permit hunting until next trip.

Sharing the fly fishing passion from father to son is an amazing thing to see.  Rex I. visited Turneffe Flats this week with 7 year-old son, Ryo, from San Francisco, CA.  Travelling from San Francisco, CA, this was to be one of their ‘biggest adventures’ so far.  Rex and Ryo fished for 3 days this week with old-hand guide, Pops present to show Ryo the ropes.  Ryo took a little instruction and never looked back as he hooked and brought to hand bonefish on his very first angling day.  He was proud and quick to point out that his bonefish were bigger and more numerous than the ones that his father landed!  Rex and Ryo were constantly on the lookout for marine life in all shapes and sizes, whether it was hermit crab races in the sand, searching after dinner with a spotlight for crocodiles, or heading off the dock for a quick snorkel at the end of a fishing day.  Ryo pronounced himself ready to target some larger fish and wanted to know when he was coming back to target the tarpon that some of the other anglers were catching.

Paired with guide, Daniel, was Ron A. of Spotsylvania, VA. Ron said that his goals for the trip were to catch some fish, but also to improve his skills.  Ron initially planned to mix up his week between bone fishing and hunting for permit, but after the first day of fishing and seeing the numbers of bonefish on our flats, he said that he knew he had a real opportunity to focus his efforts on them.  Ron reported many bonefish brought to hand each day, but also a new-found respect and admiration for barracuda. He caught several barracuda during the week and marveled at their speed, ferocity, and how much fun they were to catch.  He claimed that his efforts along with Daniel’s tutelage allowed him to cast 60 feet by weeks’ end, which was something that he had never been able to do on previous trips elsewhere.  We were happy to see Ron’s progress both in fishing and understanding of our unique marine ecosystem.

From Lebanon, NJ, Steve & Brandon C. are an additional father-son combination that spent the week here at Turneffe Flats.  With this being their initial flats’ fishing experience, guide Kimbral was ready, waiting, and up to the task.  The first couple days were spent learning the basics with a majority of their time stalking bonefish on the outer flats with father and son both hooking, if not landing fish each of the first three days.  They found the wily bonefish happy to find the coral and part their line and were amazed at the speed with which the bonefish emptied the reel.   With each passing day though, Brandon became more enamored with the idea of tarpon.  With Carson, Frayser, and Mike each sharing photos and tales of their daily tarpon exploits, Brandon asked Kimbral about switching gears.  They responded by deciding to start early on Thursday morning and Brandon took the opportunity to jump a tarpon of about 100# prior to breakfast.  This happened to be one of the most spectacular mornings of the week with day breaking and eerily calm conditions.  Not long after commencing, Brandon came tight to the fish with the large red ball of the sun rising in the background.  Kimbral filmed the entire spectacle and although they never got close to touching the leader, the memory will be etched in the minds of both angler and guide for quite some time.  Brandon shared a snapshot of this morning and it can be found on the Turneffe Flats Facebook page with several others of this past week at:

July 16 – July 22, 2017

Weather: We had calm conditions early in the week with our trade wind returned through mid week. Late in the week we had wind from the north and low tides.

Water Temp: 80 - 82 degrees

Wind: 10 – 12 mph from the East through mid-week which shifted to the North for the second half.

Tides: Low tide was mid-morning to early afternoon.             

Moon: Last quarter moon was Sunday the 16th.

Summary: It was an active week of fishing at Turneffe Flats. Several permit were hooked, many tarpon were jumped and all had good bonefishing action.

Sometime in the late 90’s, Chris B. from Sydney, Australia, saw a fishing show on Australian TV about Turneffe Flats, and it’s been in the back of his mind ever since.  He had some travel plans to North America and decided it was time to visit the place he remembers from his living room all those years ago. He fished with Dion and was keen to find permit. They had two good shots at permit their first morning and found themselves in a bit of a situation later in the day. While poling for permit, they spotted a big tarpon on the flats. Chris worked quickly to stow his permit gear and reach for the tarpon rod while Dion pushed hard into the wind as the tarpon moving away from the boat. By the time they were set up to cast to the tarpon, two big permit glided onto the flat heading right for the boat. Chris and Dion had a real dilemma on their hands; holding the wrong rod for permit with wind at the wrong direction for the tarpon. Chris did land a  permit later in the week with a nice cast to a group of six mudding fish. Chris and Dion also spent a few hours each afternoon bonefishing focusing on the larger singles and doubles. One afternoon at a particularly low tide, they spotted a fish in about four inches of water but couldn't get it to take the fly.  Chris also landed a snook and a tarpon during his stay. It's a long way from Australia but we hope to see Chris again.

Mike L., Barry H., and Ryan M. are college buddies from Louisiana who get together to fish as often as possible. They all turned 40 this year and decided to celebrate with a fishing trip to Turneffe Flats. Ryan was the sole fly angler of the group and he fished with Dubs. On day 1, they found some bonefish pushed in to the back of a small cove, so they poled into the cove and landed two bones. As they turned around to exit the cove, they noticed permit and tarpon cruising back and forth across the mouth. Ryan cast to the tarpon, and he ate. It was his first tarpon he said it was the most exciting fish he’s caught on a fly rod. Mike and Barry fished with Daniel and both hooked permit and tarpon on their first day.  Later, they went bonefishing and had a great time watching the fish blast across the flat on the initial run. Part way through the week, Mike and Barry decided to give fly fishing a shot because Ryan was making it look so fun. Daniel got them lined up and they caught bonefish that same afternoon. Barry says he now understands and he is thinks he will pick up a fly rod for redfish when he gets home.  The big fish of the trip came on the last day as they were ready to head back to the dock. Mike hooked a 150lb tarpon and landed it in about 30 minutes in shallow water.  He had video of the fish tail walking and jumping near the bow of the skiff which were passed around the bar that evening.

Chris S. from Guatemala, brought his friends, Forrest W. from Carbondale CO, Dave S. from Kenton MI, and Joey M. Youngsville LA, to Turneffe for the first half of the week. They have all spent time fishing and diving in the tropics and were excited to explore our atoll both above and below the water. Their fishing days included catching bonefish, snapper, and a nice 30 lb jack that was enjoyed one night for staff dinner. They each jumped a tarpon on the trip, and filled the rest of their time snorkeling where they saw big eagle rays and six foot nurse sharks along with a multitude of other reef species.

Champ W. from Houston, TX, joined us for the last half of the week to fish with  Kimbral. Champ hooked a permit on the first cast of his trip. It caught him a little off-guard and broke off after running well into his backing. Later in the day, they spotted a tarpon laid up under some hanging mangrove branches. Kimbral wanted Champ to make a challenging backcast under the trees. Champ didn’t think it was going to work, but he made the cast anyway. As soon as the fly hit the water the tarpon lunged for it, but Champ missed pulled the fly out of the fish’s mouth. His tarpon story ended the same as his permit story. “I didn’t expect it but it was the coolest thing!” Champ spent his evenings bonefishing on the home flat with Chris and the boys from Louisiana.

July 9 – July 15, 2017

Weather: Pleasant with a nice breeze

Water Temp: 78 – 80 degrees     

Wind: Steady calm winds from the East at 5-10 mph.

Tides: High tides were mid-morning to early afternoon.

Moon: Full Moon was Saturday the 8th.

Summary: Fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon was good with plenty of big migratory tarpon around the atoll.  

Angler’s All Fly Shop, from Denver, visited this week. As usual, they came with some talented anglers and most had an excellent week of fishing. The trip was hosted by Doug G. who brought almost as much camera equipment as fishing gear. Doug had a slam for the trip and he took some great photos including several excellent portraits of our guides and anglers. Doug fished with Ryan R. from Denver who focused on permit. Ryan had many good shots and finished most days on the home flat catching bonefish before dinner.

Dennis K. and Sheri M., from Highlands Ranch, CO, enjoyed fishing with John. Dennis began his trip by hooking two permit and landing the second. They then spent the early afternoon bonefishing and also jumped a tarpon on the way back to the lodge that evening. On Thursday afternoon, Sherri landed four of the five bonefish she hooked. Great job, Sherri!  On their final day they switched gears and went for a snorkel before lunch. That afternoon they had good bonefishing and decided to try one more permit spot before heading back to the lodge. Dennis took the bow and after five minutes he heard John calmly announce from the platform, “Permit, eleven o'clock, heading for ten, thirty feet.” Dennis quickly spotted the fish and cast. The permit passed his fly, turned around, and ate. As he retold the story, Dennis emphasized the camaraderie in the boat between anglers and guide and the beauty of the coral and our coastal marine ecosystem at Turneffe. The great fishing was icing on the cake.

Dave N. and Laura D. from Buena Vista, CO returned to Turneffe for the annual Angler’s All visit with tarpon in their sights. Laura accompanied Dave and Daniel in the skiff but primarily worked on knitting projects while the boys fished. Daniel confirms that Dave is a great caster and he had many good shots at permit over the week. While blind casting in a tarpon channel, a huge barracuda made a couple passes at his tarpon fly. Daniel commented that it was possibly the biggest barracuda he’s ever seen - maybe six feet long. They pulled out a popper with the wire leader and the cuda made some slashes at the fly, but wasn't hooked. Eventually, Dave landed a blue runner which he trolled the through the tarpon channel for the monstrous barracuda, without any luck. Dave and Laura enjoyed their week with Daniel and we hope to see them again soon. 

Randy & Sam S. and Robin M. from Denver, CO, fished with Len B., from Park City, UT. Both of Sam and Len had stories of perfect presentations to permit which were confirmed by their guide, Dubs. Sam had a memorable shot as they were wading the flats one afternoon and spotted a large permit requiring a challenging 70 foot cast. Sam laid out a beautiful presentation with just one false cast. The fish saw the fly and turned for a look, but his line didn’t come tight. Len’s memories of the week include three great shots at tailing permit with the sun and wind at his back and said there couldn’t have been a more perfect setup. His mind’s eye recalls a perfect image of angler and guide spotting tailing permit lit by the setting sun; a nice souvenir from his time with us at Turneffe. Randy and Robin both had good shots at permit and did well with the bonefish. They also spent time tarpon fishing and Robin hooked two fish but broke them off on the hook set. Randy  hooked and landed an 80-pound tarpon close to the mangroves and Robin got the whole fight on video, which was a big hit that evening.

Marshall and Deanna P. came with the Angler’s All group on their first saltwater trip. They got broad exposure to the fishery and caught bonefish, hooked permit, and jumped tarpon. They were quick learners and by the end of day one, that had defeated the impulse to trout set. On one particular day, Marshal had multiple shots at permit and learned how subtle the take can be - he now understands why permit fishing is so addictive. They had a great time at Turneffe and are already planning their trip next year.

Larry G. and John A. are experienced Colorado fly fishers, also with the Angler’s All group. They enjoyed some good bonefishing, which was Larry’s goal for the week, and learned to appreciate some of the nuances of bonefish behavior including watching the fish respond to the presentation and how different  fish ate the fly. John put in some time permit fishing and also  had fun catching some of the reef fish that are generally not targeted by our anglers.

Jay B. and Joyce T. from Buena Vista, CO, returned to Turneffe Flats with Angler’s All. They were guided by Pops who showed them new water not seen on their prior trips.. They remarked at how good the bonefishing was and enjoyed their week catching big, healthy bonefish at some new locations around the atoll.

Paul and Joey C., from Waynesville, NC, have done plenty of fly fishing for trout in the mountains near home and looked forward to their first saltwater trip. They started by jumping a 150 lb tarpon on day 1. The fish made a quick run and broke off on the first jump. Their guide, Capt., worked with them on saltwater techniques such as  the strip set, proper line management, and casting in the wind. On Thursday, their new skills were tested when Joey cast to and landed two permit. They then decided to look for tarpon. Paul stepped on the deck and jumped a 100 lb tarpon on his first cast. Unfortunately, it threw the hook but within five minutes, he hooked up again. An hour later, he was in the water holding an 80 lb fish for a photo. They then hit the flats to land a couple of bonefish to complete their father/son slam. At the dock in the evening, they tried to keep cool as they reported catching only five fish for the day, but it was clear from their grinning faces that there was more to the story. The father-son duo were immensely proud of their boat slam and felt like they learned a lot this week.

July 2 – July 8, 2017

Weather: Squalls early in the week with challenging visibility and tricky winds, clearing by week.

Water Temp: 78-80 degrees

Wind: High winds from the East dominated the first half of the week but tapering towards the end of the week.

Tides: High tide was early morning to mid-morning.

Moon: Full Moon was Saturday July 9th.

Summary:  Plenty of permit shots were had but none were landed.  The big tarpon were in and several 100+ lb fish were jumped. Bonefishing was good and our anglers landed plenty bonefish with several larger fish.

Captain Dexter S., from Sugarloaf Key, Fl, made his regular summer visit to Turneffe Flats with a group of friends and clients. They were a lively bunch and added great energy to the dining room each night. Dexter fished with Ron C. , from Cudjoe KEy, and they had some enjoyable afternoons casting to permit. Dexter noted that Ron was making great presentations, but they couldn't get a permit to  cooperate. Ron had a great time bonefishing in some new locations not seen on his previous trips, and Dexter’s landed two permit while also hooking three others. In addition, he landed a  big barracuda on his fly rod.

Joe and Linda K., from Acme, PA, had previously fished with Dexter in Florida and  they decided to join him on the trip to Turneffe Flats. Joe enjoyed fishing our home flat and was out early almost every morning. He made sure to do some wading in the evenings before dinner as well, and he caught several bonefish just steps away from his cabana. In addition, he had shots at two  permit on the home flat.  During their days on the water with Mark, Joe and Linda spent quite a bit of  time looking for tarpon. Their first tarpon came late on the first day after searching the creeks and  mangroves all morning. Joe was working a popper over the edge of a channel when it was slammed by a tarpon estimated in the 50 lb range.  Linda did well with bonefish wading the flats and she also landed a four-foot barracuda that attacked her popper! Back on the hunt for big tarpon, Mark and Joe posted up in a spot with good visibility next to a channel to intercept passing fish. After a short while, they spotted two big fish headed their way and Joe was able to put a good cast right in front of the cruising fish. The second fish saw the fly and turned to follow. Joe kept his cool as he hooked, fought, and landed his hundred-pounderin about 45 minutes.  Joe and Linda seemed to have a great week at Turneffe Flats and we hope to see them again.

Michael and Luisa C., from Redding, CA, were new to saltwater fly fishing and came to Turneffe Flats with Dexter hoping to  gain more experience. Over the course of the week they landed a big barracuda, some small jacks, and they both hooked tarpon and permit. Luisa was particularly proud of catching fourteen bonefish in one day with Willie. They were delighted by how relaxing the atmosphere on caye felt in the afternoons after fishing.  

Bob and Lori V., from Richland, NY, have fished many times with Dexter in Florida and also at Turneffe Flats. They joined Dexter's group anticipating shots at big tarpon, and on day one,, Lori hooked her very first tarpon. It put on a great show before breaking off she’ll probably remember this one for a long time. She even earned a new nickname, “Tarpon Lori.” As skiffs arrived at the dock one evening, we noticed that one of our skiffs was fighting  a big tarpon in the channel within sight of the lodge. The whole group watched from the dock as the skiff was pulled slowly northward under a setting sun and eventually out of sight. When their skiff eventually returned to the dock, Bob’s report wasn’t what we’d hoped for. The fish made had made it in to the mangroves and broken off after a long battle. Bob remained in good spirits saying it was a great fight, andembracing his new nickname, “Mangrove Bob.”

Bob G. from Raleigh, NC, and John B., from  Wakefield, RI, have been fishing together since college. They met Dexter on their last trip to the Keys and decided to check out Turneffe Flats this year.  Bob and John hit the flats with Kimbral looking to hone their saltwater fly fishing skills. They spent time practicing their casting in the wind and were happy to get some coaching from Kimbral as they waded the flat looking for bonefish and permit. Both anglers were pleased with their casting progress which paid off with each angler having good presentations to permit.                 

Bill W., from Plano, Tx,  and Kelli R., from Addison, Tx, visited from Texas for a half week of fishing with Daniel. They were both eager to learn more about saltwater fishing and they got plenty of practice with some challenging winds. Bill and Kelli both used their newly polished skills to hook permit and catch some nice-sized bonefish. Bill said he enjoyed learning from Daniel and put his flats fishing education to work on the home flat catching bonefish in the evenings.

Scott H., Huntington Bearch, CA and Kevin G., Arvada CO,  fished with Daniel for the second half of the week and focused primarily on tarpon. They started early at 5 am and returned to the lodge for breakfast. On his second cast one morning, Scott hooked a large tarpon which he fought for about 10 minutes before it broke off. That same morning, he landed a very nice cubera snapper that they brought back to the lodge to share for dinner. Kevin and Scott enjoyed waded the flats for bonefish in the evenings. At times they could hook ten bones in a row and then things would settle down for a while.  Kevin’s father, Bob G., also fished the second half of the week. He spent mornings walking the flats and learning about the bonefishing from Pops. He took his afternoons off and spent time on caye catching up on some rest and relaxation with his wife, Ann. They enjoyed the peacefulness of lazy afternoons in the sun on their “private island".

Paul and Guy L., from England, returned to Turneffe Flats looking to cure their permit fever. Paul was up early each morning checking the home flat for fins, and he caught bonefish before breakfast nearly every morning.  They spent a good bit of their time with John hunting for permit. They found fish and made good presentations, but couldn’t coax a permit to eat.  They decided to spend time fishing for snook and tarpon and they landed several snook and also jumped a few tarpon. Paul and Guy had fun in the boat telling stories and joking around with John. Although they didn’t find a cure for their permit fever, still had a great week fishing at Turneffe Flats.

June 25 – July 1, 2017

Weather:  Pleasant with a nice breeze. Some squalls blew through midweek but they were quick to pass.

Water Temp: 78-80 degrees

Wind: Winds this week were out of the East between 10 and 15 mph.  

Tides: High tides were from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

Moon: First quarter moon was Friday the 30th.

Summary:  A week of great fishing! The permit fishing was excellent and several big tarpon were hooked. Bonefishing was also good and fun was had by all.

Bruce M. from the Detroit, MI area returned for another week of permit fishing and was happy to be back on the skiff with Dubs. They were on permit from the start.  As the sun dipped toward the horizon on the first day, Bruce announced to Dubs that he was ready to head in for the day and this was going to be the last cast. The take was remarkably soft, but he knew there was a permit on! He worked his fish away from the mangroves and was rewarded with a photo of a 25 lb permit. Before his trip ended, Bruce had several more days of casting to tailing permit, and he landed another nice fish that approached the skiff from the upwind side requiring a challenging backhand presentation delivered straight in to the wind. The fish took his first offer.  Bruce left Turneffe Flats with two more permit after a week of exciting fishing with his friend and guide, Dubs.

Dean and Ilene S. were in Belize on business and decided to tag on a week of fishing at Turneffe Flats. Both are experienced anglers, and they had a great week fishing with Dion. On their first day, they landed two permit. For the next couple of days, they shifted their focus to tarpon fishing in the mornings and bonefishing in the afternoons. They jumped several big tarpon and caught plenty of bones. On Thursday, conditions were just too good to pass up permit fishing.  They landed three permit on their first several casts. The fourth permit hooked was a very large fish. Dean set the hook, and the fish ripped line off of the reel until his backing let go of the fly line and he watched his floating line slither away across the lagoon. Dion jumped down from the platform, fired up the engine and chased  the fish. Dean was able to grab his fly line and began retrieving line by hand. The fish was still on and he handlined the large permit in deep water for another several minutes before the line wrapped around the lower unit of the motor and broke off at the tippet. When the excitement was over, the fly line was recovered unharmed. On  Friday evening, Ilene noted that the fishing was so good during their week, that it felt somewhat gluttonous. Deans final day included three more permit, jumping a 60 lb tarpon, and almost landing another 150 lb tarpon.

Mark I. from Capistrano Beach, CA returned to Turneffe Flats for another week of fishing with Mark Hyde. They spent most mornings looking for permit and were able to get several shots but no eats. Guide, Mark  found some rolling tarpon and  Mark was able to deliver a good cast in tight quarters and hooked a 60 lb tarpon. The fight near the mangroves was intense and Mark landed the fish which he felt was "big enough to feel like a big fish, but small enough to land in a reasonable amount of time.” Mark brought along father and son Newton and Miles B. for their first saltwater fly fishing adventure. Newton and Miles fished with John who taught them how catch bonefish on the flats. During their fishing days they enjoyed some time snorkeling and checking out the wonderful coral at Turneffe. They very much enjoyed seeing the underwater wonders at Turneffe, and they finished their week with an big day catching barracuda, snapper, and bonefish.

Peter and Julie L. visited from Albuquerque, NM for their first saltwater fishing trip. On the first day, Julie relaxed on the island to ease into her vacation while Peter headed out to fish. He hooked bonefish and barracuda and made casts to rolling tarpon. No fish were landed on the first day, but he was happy and learning lots. Peter noted that he had never had so much fun losing fish and he pledged to try not to trout set his bonefish. Julie didn't  have many problems landing fish and she did very well with Kimbral’s coaching.  Peter, Julie, and Kimbral had plenty of laughs and each evening they arrived with smiles on their faces.

Doug C. from Laguna Hills, CA has visited Turneffe Flats many times since the late 80’s.. He fished with his favorite guide, Willie, and they spent most of their time this week wading for bonefish. Doug remarked that the bonefish at Turneffe seem to be getting larger and we absolutely agree with him. Fishermen are landing bonefish in the 8 lb+ range every week as well as an occasional double-digit fish. Doug  brought his son, Jesse. Jesse has recently become a certified diver and spent time on the dive boat and also fished with dad. Doug and Jesse enjoyed several great afternoons of catching bonefish, snapper, and barracuda.

Harrison and Toby W. visited from Sisters, OR on a Combination Fishing and Diving package. They were excited to dive the famous Blue Hole and also fish for  large migratory tarpon at Turneffe Flats. After their Monday morning checkout dive for their trip to the Blue Hole, their guide Daniel picked them up from the dive boat for an afternoon of fishing. They waded for bonefish and on the way back to the dock they decided to check out one of Daniel's tarpon spots. Toby made six or seven casts with a popper before hooking a big  fish. The tarpon went on a short run and with the first jump Toby knew he was in for a fight.  After about 30 minutes, they had the fish in shallow water near the edge of the mangroves and Toby jumped in for a photo. He returned to the dock with a huge smile covered in slime from the 110 lb tarpon. Harrison also jumped several nice tarpon during the week. Both were happy to have experienced a bucket list dive and shots at big tarpon in the same trip.

Chris M. and his son Ted from San Francisco, CA were on a family vacation and split their week between Turneffe Flats and Chaa Creek in the Belizean rainforest. Being new to saltwater fly fishing, they spent three days learning to catch bonefish with Pops, who said they were excellent students. They loved their time on the flats and hopefully they have learning a new sport.

June 18 – June 24, 2017

Weather: Most days this week began dead calm with rainclouds looming overhead. Early in the week we saw some morning rain that slowed down gradually and stopped by midday. The weather cleared and our trade winds returned by the end of the week.

Water Temp: 78 – 80 degrees

Wind: Early in the week, calm mornings with wind picking up throughout the day. By week’s end the skies cleared and our normal trade winds returned.

Tides: High tides were early morning to mid-morning.

Moon: New moon was Thursday the 23rd.

Summary: Bonefishing was great this week, large tarpon were seen and one big fish was hooked. Two permit were landed and most anglers had good shots throughout the week

Jack O. from Ipswich, MA visited Turneffe Flats as a birthday present from his wife and son. He fished with Bruce B. from Chapel Hill, NC who was visiting on a Combination Fishing and Diving package. Although they hadn't previously met, they became fast friends. They caught a number of good bonefish early on Sunday, which was one of Bruce’s goals for the week. They switched gears in the afternoon to look  for permit. Daniel quickly found some actively feeding permit and set Jack up for a good shot. He made a great cast on the edge of the school and his line immediately came tight!  Fish on! Jack estimated the fight at over 30 minutes with 15 screaming runs well into his backing resulting in a very large permit in the 35 lb range. In the lodge that evening, Jack was over the moon celebrating father’s day with his wife and son. The following day Bruce decided to join his wife in the dive boat, so Jack and Daniel had the skiff to themselves. Jack thoroughly enjoyed the calm mornings which gave him the opportunity to fish for bonefish with his 4 weight. He loved making delicate presentations and was able to and had fun landing bones on his light gear. Toward the end of their bonefishing session, they lost a nice fish to a huge barracuda. Daniel quickly rigged the 11 weight with a wire leader and before long Jack had hooked a large barracuda of48 inches. The rest of the week Jack and Bruce continued bonefishing, saw a few tarpon, and hunted permit. Jack was happy to report that his presentations to permit and his casting accuracy greatly improved with Daniel's coaching. In the lodge Friday night, Jack said he had experienced an unforgettable week with us at Turneffe Flats.

Leslie and Brendan R. from Park City, UT are experienced permit anglers who decided to explore Turneffe Flats last week. Their trip started out spectacularly with Brendan on the bow first. Mark immediately spotted permit and Brendan had excellent shot but no hookup. Leslie was up next and was also immediately on fish. On her first cast at Turneffe, she landed a nice permit and Brendan said she made it look easy. They were all smiles back at the dock Sunday evening as they drank a round of beers with their guide, Mark to celebrate a great opening to their trip. Over the next couple of days they fished for tarpon and Brendan hooked a monster that jumped and took off on a furious run before breaking off. Mark estimated the fish in the 150 lb range. For the rest of their week, they spent most of their time fishing for permit as the weather slowly cleared. Two days in a row, the anglers reported seeing “a ton of fish" casting to singles, doubles and schools They got looks, but no hookups. Brendan finished his week casting to a big permit he estimated in the 30 lb range. He got made several good presentations and each time the fish looked at the fly, slowly turned, and continue plowing down the reef. Leslie and Brendan were impressed by the number of permit they saw at Turneffe and generally had a great time on the water.

Fred S. returned to Turneffe Flats with his wife Karen for a week of fishing and relaxation. They started the trip with a productive morning of bonefishing followed by an afternoon of lounging by the pool. Over the course of the week both Karen and Fred had good shots at permit and had some fish follow their fly but no hookups. They were more successful with the bonefish and one afternoon Fred was proud to report that Karen landed nearly twenty fish. Karen joined  our Atoll Adventure group to snorkel with our eco-tour guide Abel while Fred continued to pursue permit. She was excited to see the beautiful marine wildlife at Turneffe and had some great days with Abel and the rest of the Adventurers. They finished their trip fishing together with another day dedicated to permit fishing and reported and that they saw plenty of fish but none that would eat.

Casey E. visited us from Steamboat Springs, CO. for his first six days of saltwater fly fishing. He initially focused on bonefishing and after working on his casting with his Willie,  he had several really productive days on the bonefish flats. Later in the week, Casey and Willie hunted for permit and reported slow mornings with more active afternoons. They saw plenty of permit, especially near the end of the week, and Casey wasable to “turn” some fish but none came tight. That’s permit fishing sometimes.

May 20 - 27, 2017

Weather It was windy early in the week with some hazy mornings clearing by midday. Air temperature hovered in the mid 80's.

Water Temp: 78 - 80 degrees

Wind:  Around 10 mph with gusts to around 25 from the Northeast early in the week but decreasing steadily and quite mild by mid week.

Tides: High tides were early morning to mid-morning.

Moon: New moon was Thursday the 25th.

Summary:  We hosted a large corporate group this week. Most anglers concentrating on spin fishing but there were a few fly fishers in the group and several enjoyed learning to fly fish in salt water.  The group caught the wide variety of fish and made sure they had a good time doing so.

The focus of this group was relationship building, relaxing and having fun.  They rotated fishing partners and guides each day, and at the end of the fishing day everyone enjoyed cocktails around the pool and family style dinners.

On Tuesday, several anglers took a day off from fishing for a morning of snorkeling and touring with our naturalist guide,  Abel. They enjoyed some incredible snorkeling and also saw crocodiles and dolphins, offering a broader perspective on the marine life at Turneffe.  On Wednesday, willing participants also enjoyed a night walk with Abel.

Everyone in the group caught plenty of bonefish and three permit were landed. One tarpon was jumped and a wide variety of other were landed, including red snapper, cubera snapper, jack crevalle, snook, Spanish mackerel, needlefish, boxfish, parrotfish, and lots of barracuda.

Through their shared fishing experiences, pool time and socializing in the lodge, they solidified old relationships and built new ones. They reported having an excellent time, and by all appearances,  accomplished their goals.

May 14 - 20, 2017

Weather: There was some isolated cloud coverage midweek but we had nice weather conditions overall. Temperatures were between 82 and 84 degrees.

Water Temp: 78 – 80 degrees

Wind: Calm winds from the North East began the week around 2 mph and increased each day to 9 mph to on Friday.

Tides: High tides were from noon to early afternoon.

Moon: The last quarter moon was Thursday, May 18.

Summary: We had an excellent week of fishing with nice weather, good tides and three Grand Slams.

Skip L., Mike S., Rich B., Don W., Tom D. and Chuck T. joined us from SC. They have  fished  together for years and we are pleased the they decided to join us at Turneffe Flats  this year. They brought a lot of energy to the dining room each night and had some great fishing during their stay.

On Sunday, Skip hooked a 60 lb tarpon and fought the fish for about 10 minutes before it broke off. Video review of at least six thrashing leaps was center-stage entertainment during cocktail hour that evening. On Monday, Skip and Mark had a Grand Slam. They started the day with a bonefish and shortly thereafter landed a permit. While Mark was reviving Skip’s fish, Mike hooked a second permit and they ended up with a rare photo of two permit. On the same stretch of water, they ran in to several 50-60 lb tarpon holding in shallow water off the mangroves. Mike took a couple of good shots and got a look, but no take. Skip then ended up completing his Grand Slam with a nice tarpon.

Rich brought his fly tying stuff and manned our tying desk before breakfast and after dinner tying copies of his own fly. He named his homebrew shrimp pattern the “Eye Candy” for its notable fluorescent mono eyes. A pinch of underfur from Rich’s family dog adds to the mystique of the fly which he reports to have been successful all over the Caribbean. Rich and Don both fished this fly on Tuesday and it turned out to be quite successful. After a slow morning of permit fishing, they decided to wade for bonefish. Around 2pm, a group of permit approached the wading anglers and both capitalized on the opportunity. Next, they each landed a quick bonefish and headed for a nearby tarpon spot. They found tarpon holding near the mangroves and took turns casting different flies.  After several offerings, a tarpon decided the Eye Candy looked good enough to eat and Don completed his Grand Slam. A short while later, Rich landed another tarpon to complete the second Slam of the day. Mark thought this was the first time he had both anglers in his boat complete a grand slam on the same day; and five of these six fish were caught on the same fly.

Tom and Chuck also had a shot at a Slam. On Wednesday they began the day fishing for bonefish and after a few bones were landed a small group of permit showed up on the flat. Tom landed a permit before 10 am, and spent the rest of the day looking for a tarpon, although he didn't have any luck.  Late in the day, Chuck spotted a school of fast-moving jacks and was able to reach them with a permit fly. Stripping as fast as he could, he brought the fly directly through the center of the school and the line came tight. Mark estimated the fish at around 15 lbs.

John K. from San Jose, CA was here for his sixth visit to the lodge. His rock star moment came early in the week when other anglers, with cocktails in hand at the edge of our infinity pool, spotted and then guided John to a single tailing bonefish. John peeled off some line, waded into position on the home flat, and made his cast. The hookup was met with a round of applause from the pool and John landed a big bonefish for the crowd. For the rest of his week, John spent most of his fishing time hunting permit with Dion. By week's end, John had hooked four permit and landed two.  Nice job.

Tom C., Austin C., Mike C., Brad B. and Pete B. from MO and Bill B. from Fairbanks, AK are a group of friends who fish together every year somewhere in the Caribbean, and we are pleased that they visited us at Turneffe this year. They stayed in the Garden Villa and enjoyed evening cocktails in their living area and on their veranda before wandering down to dinner. They rotated fishing partners and guides each day. Everyone in the group caught plenty of bonefish and had shots at permit and tarpon.

Cindy and Norm S. from Yakima, WA began the week in search of bonefish with Pops. Cindy got off to a great start with three bonefish landed on her first day fly fishing in the salt. After some morning instruction, Norm wandered down the flat by himself and ran into a group of tailing permit. At one point he counted sixteen fish! He made several shots and even spooked some of the fish, but his persistence was rewarded with a hookup. The remainder of the week, they spent time looking for permit in the mornings and then finished the day wading for bonefish with Pops, who they thought was a great instructor.

Jim J. and Dave M. joined us from RI and were introduced to the Turneffe fishery by Willy. While poling the flats, Willy heard tarpon rolling in a small creek behind some mangroves. In an effort to coax them out of the bushes, Willy instructed Dave to cast into the mangroves and make some noise. After the first several casts they heard a splash from behind the row of mangroves and knew they had gotten some attention. Dave’s next cast came to rest about a foot off the water dangling from a branch. While bouncing his lure free, everyone in the boat was surprised to see a crocodile explode from the mangroves and snap at the hanging bait. Thereafter, they had a productive trip, going home with photos of landed permit and bonefish. All-in-all, a great week.

May 7 - 13, 2017

Weather: Isolated storms early in the week which made way for sunny skies the last couple of days.

Water Temp: 78 - 80 degrees

Wind: From the Northeast at 4 - 7 mph

Tides: The high tides were from early morning to mid-day.

Moon: Full moon was Wednesday the 10th.

Summary:  This week our anglers saw some great fishing conditions. Everyone reported seeing lots of bonefish, and those looking for permit and tarpon had plenty of shots.

Wally M. of Spring Island, SC, another, a Board member of the Turneffe Atoll Trust and regular visitor to Turneffe, had an epic week with Mark. On Tuesday Wally narrowly missed a super grand slam landing a really nice permit, a snook, and a bunch of bonefish by shortly after noon. He and Mark fished late that evening, and although they had several shots at tarpon, they didn't land one. The next morning, Wally landed a tarpon before 9:00 AM and wondered if this counted as a slam because it was accomplished within 24 hours - unfortunately not. His tarpon hookup was eventful with a loop in his fly line that Mark only had seconds to clear. When the fish ran, it pulled the knot tight and through the guides. The coating on the fly line didn't fare well but Wally eventually landed a nice 50lb tarpon. Wally finished his trip with a day full of snook and an eat from another permit.

Earl M. of Spring Island, SC visited on one of his regular trips to Turneffe Flats. Earl sits on the Board of the Turneffe Atoll Trust, which promotes conservation and sustainability efforts around the atoll, and he prefers to be known as a "simple fisherman." Paired up with, Dubs, Earl started the week with a good shot at a grand slam. He caught a couple of bonefish in the morning, had casts to eight tarpon and had shots at multiple permit. On Monday, Earl and Dubs were joined in the boat with a guide-in-training, Alton. To close out the day, Earl showed Alton how to land a ten pound bonefish - the largest bonefish of the week! The rest of the trip, Earl and Dubs began the day hunting for permit and tarpon and finished with bonefishing..   Earl jumped a fifty pound tarpon on Friday and we look forward to seeing him again in August.

Troy S. also from Spring Island, SC returned to Turneffe with his sons Barrett and Ryan. Barrett and Ryan both landed their first bonefish with some expert coaching from their guide, Kimbral. Early in the week, Troy and Dion spent significant time targeting permit.  On day one, he cast to several fish and landed his first permit late in the day. Barrett and Ryan pursued bonefish most of the week and Ryan had one of his bonefish poached by a barracuda on the initial run. Later in the week, Troy and Dion located a nice school of tarpon and had follows, but no hookups. They also had more shots at permit, and finished each day wading flats for bonefish. Barrett also joined Abel for a morning of Atoll Adventuring and had a nice time snorkeling.

Mike and Lauren G. from Brooklyn, NY returned with sons Will and Cullen for their tenth trip to Turneffe Flats. Lauren and the boys had their usual great time adventuring with Abel, while Mike fished with his favorite guide Capt. Mike and Capt. spent a good deal of time targeting tarpon with a couple of early morning starts. The last day of the trip, Will joined Mike and Capt. After looking for tarpon early, they hooked several bonefish before trading their fly rods for snorkels and fins and joining the rest of the family to finish the day. It was great having the family back on the island and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Tracy and Pat B. from Hailey, ID joined us for a week of fishing and mixed in some dive instruction.  Tracy is a certified diver and was able to share the experience with Pat through our Discover Scuba Diving adventure.  Early Tuesday, they went tarpon fished with Daniel and had some follows, but no takers. They returned to the lodge for a quick breakfast before jumping on the dive boat to head to Lighthouse Reef. They spent the rest of the week bonefishing and hunting for permit.

Jeff K. took a break from the brisk springtime weather in Maine to do some fishing in sunny Belize. Jeff joined us for a Wednesday to Saturday visit and had two days of productive fishing. He began each day looking for permit with his, John. They saw plenty of fish and had a couple of follows, but no eats. Each day was finished by wading the flats where Jeff really got the hang of presenting flies to bonefish. John reported that Jeff hooked three fish in three consecutive casts! When it was time to leave the island, Jeff said that two days felt like just enough time to begin feeling comfortable and confident on the bow of a skiff and he wished he could stay longer.

April 1-8, 2017

Weather: There was some cloud coverage on Tuesday and Wednesday but we had nice weather conditions most of the week. Temperatures were between 77 and 84 degrees.

   Water temp: 78-80 degrees

  Wind: We had a fairly strong easterly breeze most of the week although Thursday and Friday were calmer.

  Tides: High tide was mid afternoon during the first half of the week and transitioned into the early morning late in the week.

  Moon: First quarter moon was on April 3.

Summary: We had a fun group of guests with several half week anglers departing on Wednesday. Several migratory tarpon were seen in the lagoon, and two guests landed tarpon -  one being around 80 lbs. Plenty of bonefish were landed with several in the four to six pound range. Two permit were landed even though permit fishing was challenging due to pour tides.

Joe and Ann K. of Boerne, TX, and Larry and Lorrie W. of Lantana, FL, joined us for their first visit to Turneffe Flats.  Joe and Larry fished while Ann and Lorrie spent their time Atoll Adventuring with Abel. Both Larry and Joe landed plenty of bones and a number of other species including snapper, trigger fish, and barracuda.

Matt A. of Tunkhannock, PA, and Kenny G. of Whitefish, MT joined us for an awesome three days with Pops. The two spent their time either in the lagoon or wading the flats for permit. Despite challenging conditions, Kenny landed a permit.  He was particularly excited because he was fishing alone when he spotted, hooked and landed his permit.

Karen and Fred H. of Gonzaga, WA, joined us for their first Belizean fishing experience. Karen is an experienced angler who enjoys tying her own flies.  They enjoyed fishing with Dubs, and had a very successful week! On day two, Karen landed her first permit, and on Thursday she landed a 50-60 pound tarpon. Karen and Fred are huge Gonzaga basketball fans, and they also enjoyed watching the final two games of March Madness with us.

John H. of Roanoke, PA, and his nephew Coleman L. of Atlanta GA, had some prior salt water experience but they hadn't visited the salt for several years. They were excited to get back on the flats and mentioned that they had forgotten how challenging salt water fishing can be. They primarily targeted bonefish and permit and were able to land plenty of bonefish. They had good shots at permit throughout the week and even had a few eats. Unfortunately, they weren't able to land a permit but Coleman did land a 70 pound tarpon towards the end of the week.

March 18-25

Weather: Weather conditions were good for most of the week but a mild cold front at the beginning of the week made fishing conditions a little challenging. By midweek the wind switched to the SE making for ideal fishing conditions. Temperatures varied from a low of 76 to a high of 80 degrees.

  Water temp: 79-80 degrees

  Wind: We had a light breeze all week, with wind direction switching from NE to SE mid week.

  Tides: High tide was in the late afternoon during the first half of the week and progressed to early morning late in the week.

  Moon: Third quarter moon was on March 27.

  Summary: Nice weather made for excellent fishing conditions most of the week. We had several return guests who enjoyed catching up with their guides. Plenty of bonefish were landed and those interested in permit had multiple shots. A nice-sized tarpon was landed as well.

Ron and Barbara C. of New York, NY, joined us for a return visit and they were excited to get back to Belize and Turneffe Atoll. Barbara enjoyed our Atoll Adventure program, while Ron spent his time fishing with Dubs; although Barbara did get to fish with Ron and Dubs for a couple of days.  At home, Ron enjoys fishing for native brook trout and stripers in the Chesapeake Bay, but he really loves traveling to the Caribbean to fish for permit and bonefish.

Mike and Carla F., of Denver CO, joined us for their 3rd trip to Turneffe Flats. In Colorado, Mike and Carla spend a lot of their spare time fishing for cutthroat and bit really enjoy getting out in a skiff to do some saltwater fishing with Daniel. Mike and Carla spent most of their time wading the flats for bonefish and spotting the occasional permit. Towards the end of each day they trolled for barracuda, and landed several! They also landed plenty of bonefish with a few in the five to six-pound range.

Evelyn and Stephen B., of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, joined us for their first fishing Belizean fishing experience. At the end of each day, they returned to the dock laughing with hilarious stories to share. They greatly enjoyed fishing with Mark and requested him for their return visit next year.  Ev was interested in catching a parrot fish during her stay and Mark was able to find a few. However, they remained true-to-form and she wasn't able to hook one.  Stephen landed his first ever tarpon on day three and spent part of each day for the rest of the week looking for tarpon.  Both Stephen and Ev landed several nice sized bonefish and commented and we look forward to seeing them next year.

Matt and Tracy R. of Denver, CO, visited for their first saltwater fly fishing experience, and they had a great time fishing with John. In the mornings they targeted bonefish and in the afternoons they enjoyed trolling for barracuda. They had a competition each day to see who could land the most barracuda, and by the end of the week Tracy came out on top.

March 11-18

Weather: The first two days of the week offered beautiful weather with sunshine and minimal wind.  Towards mid week, a cold front developed with strong a strong NE wind and some light rain.  Fortunately, the last day brought sunshine, a light and great fishing conditions. 

Temperatures: varied from 75 to 85 degrees.

Water temp: 75- 78 degrees

Wind: Light winds early in the week picked up from the NE mid week and then becoming light by week end.

Tides: High tide moved from early morning to early afternoon during the week.

Moon:  March 12.

Summary: We had a group of anglers from Dillon, Montana this week.  Some hadprevious salt water experience and those who didn't picked up quickly and enjoyed all that Turneffe Atoll has to offer. Two permit were landed and several more were hooked but lost.  Several anglers landed some bonefish in the five to seven-pound range, and one tarpon was.

Tom F. and Terri F., of Missoula, MT, joined us for a return trip with son, Scott.  Scott was only able to stay for half of the week, but he found time to fish with both of his parents. While one parent fished with Scott, the other enjoyed our Atoll Adventure program or lounged at the pool.  Scott had a number of permit shots but unfortunately didn't connect. After Scott left on Wednesday, Tom and Terri fished for the remainder of the week together. They primarily enjoyed wading the flats for bonefish with Dubs and also spent time hunting for permit . They landed plenty of bonefish with some in the 5-6 pound range, and they had a couple of permit eats, but none to the boat.

Jon A. and Brad P., from the Anderson and Platt Fly Shop in Dillon, MT brought a group of friends including Bill and Leann F., Carol and Craig S., Neil N., Ed S., and Josh J., who enjoyed fishing with Willy, Daniel, Dion, Pops, and Mark.  The group rotated fishing partners each day and Bob N. landed his first permit on day two.  Dave landed his first tarpon while fishing with his son, Murph, and Mike noted on several days that it was the best day of his life.  Django had a busy week being the first boat out each morning and then spending an hour or two wading the home flat after returning.

The group included several families and we enjoyed an unusual number of children who did some fishing but primarily enjoyed other activities.  While the guys were out fishing, mothers and children enjoyed the Atoll Adventure with eco-tour guide, Abel.  Several of the young boys were excited about fishing and were often found on the dock in the afternoon and evening catching snapper and barracuda.

March 4-11, 2017

Weather: Weather conditions were less than ideal this week with brisk winds switching mid week from East to the Northeast with the onset of a cold front mid week.   The front brought large swells which affected fishing on the seaward flats.   Fortunately, the rain showers were mostly at night and the wind dropped on Thursday and Friday allowing better opportunities to bonefish on the seaward flats. Temperatures varied from a low of 74 to a high of 81 degrees.

Water temp: 77-79 degrees

Wind: We had a fairly strong breeze from the East early in the week, switching to the NE mid-week.  

Tides: High tide was in the late afternoon during the first half of the week and then switched to early morning late in the week.

Moon: First quarter moon was on March 5.

Summary: Several guests spent their week primarily focusing on permit fishing ; however,  strong winds, cloud cover and high swells on the flats limited fishing areas and made casting difficult.  Despite challenging conditions, we managed to land three permit and plenty of bonefish.

Russ M. and his son Russell M., of Nashville, TN, joined us for their first fishing experience in Belize.  They came specifically to hunt permit and Russell spent the first night tying crab patterns for permit. They saw multiple permit each day, and mentioned they had more shots at permit this week  than anywhere else they had previously fished. On day two, Russell landed his first permit of the week. On Wednesday, he hooked what they thought was a 20+ lb permit. The fight lasted about 30 minutes, but it, unfortunately, broke off before it could be landed. On his final   day, Russell landed a nice 14 lb permit to end the week. Although Russ, Sr., did not hook a permit, he did land a few snook and a bunch of bonefish. 

Patrick and Linda S., of St. James, New York, joined us for their  first visit to Belize.  Linda enjoyed snorkeling and eco-touring with Abel, while Patrick fished with Dubs. Patrick was interested in catching permit and also wanted to hunt for large bonefish. On day one, he was very pleased about landing a 7lb bonefish.  He enjoyed wading the flats with Dubs, and catching bonefish at in shallow-water conditions.

Jeff P. and Tina P. from the Fly Fishers Place Fly Shop in Bend, OR, brought another great group of anglers including Michael L., Jon E., Michael C., Phillip S., Jeff and Tracy B., and Gary and Karen St L. This group of friends rotated guides and fishing partners throughout the week.  On Jeff’s second cast of day one, he hooked and landed the first permit of the week. When he got back to the dock at the end of the day, he joked about how easy permit are and how it only took him five minutes to hook one. The rest of the group had plenty of permit shots and hooked a couple.  They landed bonefish and several other species including jacks, barracuda, and trigger fish. After each day of fishing, the group met on Jeff and Tina’s porch to talk about their day and enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

Feb 26- March 4, 2017

Weather: For the beginning of the week, anglers enjoyed bluebird skies and light wind. Some clouds settled in the last half of the week, and the wind picked up making casting a little tougher. Temperatures varied from a low of 73 to a high of 82 degrees.

Water temp: 78-80 degrees

Wind: For the first few days the mild breeze was light from the SE.  It picked up and switched to the NE midweek through Friday.

Tides: High tide was from mid morning to early afternoon.

Moon: New moon was on Feb 25.

Summary: Sunny days and great tides made for good fishing conditions early in the week. Towards the middle of the week, the wind picked up although it was still manageable. Several people this week focused on permit, and everyone reported getting daily permit shots. Plenty of bonefish landed, although bonefishing was challenging at times.

Sean V. and Bo B. from the Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane, WA, brought a great group of guys including Sam W., Gary S., David L., and Robert G. Most of the group had some previous salt water experience, but this was everyone’s first fishing trip to Belize. They had a great time fishing for both permit and bonefish, but also wanted to target other species.  During their visit, they cast to trigger fish, barracuda, snapper, snook and parrot fish. They spent several evenings on the dock casting to different jacks and snapper.  On day one, Dave landed his first ever permit while wade-fishing on the seaward flats with Daniel. On day two, Robert landed a nice 15 lb permit.  Bonefishing was steady throughout the week and several anglers also landed barracuda and triggers. Bo noted, “This is such a special place, and I love how much fishable water the Atoll has to offer. It seemed like we were in a new area everyday.”

Cathy and Rick P., of Cheyenne, WY, enjoyed a Combination Fishing & Atoll Adventure vacation.  This was their first salt water fly fishing experience, and they enjoyed fishing for bonefish and permit. Landing their first bonefish on their second day, they also had several permit shots. The second half of the week, Rick and Cathy enjoyed snorkeling and doing various eco-tours with Atoll Adventure Guide, Abel.  Rick also spent some time unguided time casting to bonefish on the home flat.

Bill S., Tom S., Mark T., Greg M., and Bill B. of Ohio and South Carolina chose Turneffe Flats for their annual spring fishing trip. This group has enjoyed annual fishing trips together for the past 12 years, and this was their second trip to Turneffe Flats.  During the week, they rotated guides and fishing partners. They mainly came to hunt permit, although they also enjoyed wade fishing for bonefish on our seaward flats. They had multiple permit shots throughout the week, and came back to the dock each day with big smiles and stories of something new and interesting.  

Jan 1-7, 2017

Weather:  Temperatures varied from a low of 79 to a high of 85 degrees.  Very little rain was present and we had good fishing conditions

Water Temp: 80-82 degrees

Wind: SE 5-15mph, diminishing in strength and shifting to N 5-10mph on Thursday afternoon

Tides:  High of 0.5 ft at 12:30pm on Jan 1st

Moon:  First Quarter Moon Jan 5th

Summary:  We had a small contingent of anglers this week and the majority of our anglers combined their fishing with either diving or our Atoll Adventure eco-tour.  Overall it was a nice week of weather and fishing and we had some great catches to report.

Mark and Max G., of Dallas, TX was a father-son pairing that stayed with us over the weekend from the last week of December.  They had started their stay chasing bonefish with both anglers planning on vying for permit.  On the morning of Jan 1st, Mark caught not only his first permit, but congrats the first permit of 2017 at Turneffe Flats.   Congrats to both Mark and guide Daniel!  With pride at stake in this competitive father/son relationship, Mark added to his tally with a second permit the next morning.  Mark reported what made these two fish especially memorable was that he was able to land one while wading and one while fishing from the boat.  The pair additionally caught bonefish and triggerfish while wading our outer flats.  Max was caught off-guard with the explosion of a nice cubera snapper.  The fish seemed to come out of nowhere to annihilate the popper that he was tossing casually.  Pics of these pics and more can be seen on our Facebook page.  Mark and Max left discussing the dates of the chasing migratory tarpon as well as giving Max the chance to catch up to his dad on the permit count.

Steve, Carol, Carolyn, and Stephanie B., of Denver, CO was another family present this past week.  Combining their love of diving and fishing, the family rotated room in the skiffs while fishing with guides, Dion and Kimbral.  The family started off the week with Carol gaining her open-water dive certification and joining the entire family in Tuesdays’ trip to the Blue Hole.  After spending their first couple days diving, the 4 anglers took to the skiffs chasing bonefish and with Steve developing a case of permit fever.  Stephanie and Carolyn reported landing over a dozen bonefish in their first day of saltwater fishing.  Over the remaining three days, the family reported good catches and continuous action with our bonefish.  Unfortunately, Steve did not land a permit, but reported seeing fish daily and having a good number of shots.

After promising his wife that he wouldn’t go fishing, Lance T. of Cannon City, CO found himself it too hard to walk by the bonefish tailing in front of his cabana.   With his wife’s blessing, we paired him with oft-requested guide, Mark for the last two days of the week.  This past guest, jumped right into the skiff and got reacquainted with our bonefish, reporting good activity and getting numerous shots at permit.  On Friday, he landed a permit prior to lunch as well as a handful of bonefish.

December 17-24, 2016

Weather:  The week brought mostly nice weather with pleasant temperatures and  predominantly bright conditions.  The rain we had was  primarily at night with only a few fast--passing squalls during the day. Temperatures varied from a low of 75 to a high of 83 degrees.

Water Temp: 78-80 degrees

Wind:  5-15 mph from the ESE, shifting to  5-15mph from the NE on Monday

Tides:  We had a rising tide during the late morning and early afternoon this week.

Moon: Last quarter moon

Summary:  Anglers had a successful week fishing for bonefish and permit, a few snook were land and one tarpon was jumped.

Tom, Julie, Austin, and Walker S., from Dallas, TX. This fishing and scuba diving family, spent their first couple of days focusing on bonefishing on the outer flats as well as looking for their first opportunity  to land a permit. As all are certified divers, they headed for the famous Blue Hole on Tuesday and also split some of their days between fishing and diving. On Wednesday, they focused primarily on permit; however, Austin and Walker saw numerous snook and made the most of the opportunity hooking and landing a couple of nice snook in the 8-15# range, in addition to having several shots at permit.  Thursday afternoon saw Tom get the permit ‘eat’ that he was searching for, but it spit the fly before coming tight.  Tom lamented that he had blown the chance that he was trying so hard to get. 

On Friday, Julie and Walker choose to dive in order to allow Austin and Tom to fish solo and focus the final day on permit.  Austin reported numerous shots Friday, as he had everyday all week, but just couldn’t close the deal.  Tom, had a frustrating morning on Friday, and just couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm.  He came back to the lodge for lunch and a Beliken, and shortly after lunch made a self-described ‘perfect cast’ to a tailing permit and soon found himself tied to a nice fish.  After landing his permit, he and his guide went off in search of  snook and one of his first casts he the line came tight to a tarpon.  The tarpon jumped and threw the fly when it caught him a little ‘off-guard.”  That tarpon proved to be the only thing standing between Tom and a ‘Super slam’ as he landed bonefish and snook that afternoon in addition to his permit.  The family ended their stay at Turneffe Flats sharing pina coladas on the deck by the pool as the sun set on a great week of fishing and diving.  Austin, who fished nearly every evening until dark on our home flat, had lots of questions about timing the tarpon migration in the spring and summer.

John G., joined us mid-week on Wednesday after flying in from Ireland.  A well-travelled angler, John, is on a quest to fish all 50 places named in Chris Santella’s book, “50 Places to Fly Fish Before You Die, with Turneffe now the 32nd location that he has visited.  Preferring to focus on fishing for permit, John reported having numerous daily shots at permit although he did not connect his first two days. He mentioned that he ‘never has seen so many bonefish’ as at Turneffe Flats'.  Johnwill spend  three more fishing days through Christmas week so we hope to have a more in-depth report in next weeks’ edition.

Richard A., of Philadelphia, PA, was joined by his family for a 3-day stay to enjoy our Atoll Adventure program.  Richard mentioned that he was an avid fly fisher and that seeing bonefish tailing outside his cabana each morning was driving him a bit crazy. We were able to accommodate Richard’s fishing desire on his last morning. Fishing the Home Flat, Richard landed  several bonefish, as well as a couple of small snappers.  He remarked that it was a great initial experience and whetted his appetite for a return visit where he would focus a bit more time on fly fishing.

June 11-18, 2016

Weather: The weather was a mix of conditions.  Clouds traded places with bright sunlight most days and we did get a little rain, mostly overnight.

Water Temp: 80-83 degrees

Wind:  10 -20 mph from the SE on Sunday and Fri, while Monday through Thursday presented a breeze from the SE, 5-15 mph.

Tides: High tide of 0.5ft at 3:42pm on Monday, June 13th

Moon: First quarter moon on June 12th

Summary:  The fishing week was quite good for our small contingent of anglers.  Consistent bonefishing was had by all and strong numbers of permit as well and migratory tarpon made their presence felt.

Byron D. of Oak Harbor, WA visited Turneffe Flats last week for his initial flats fishing experience.  Our guide, Daniel, showed Byron the ropes and they had a great week.  Highlighting the variety that Turneffe has, Byron started off bonefishing and by the end of day 1, had caught numerous bonefish!  Over the course of the week Byron graduated from bonefishing, to landing his first permit and proceeded to jump 3 tarpon - all within his first 3 days of flats fishing!  He fought one tarpon to the side of the boat before it pulled loose.  Heck, this first-time saltwater angler was a leader touch away from a Grand Slam on his 3rd day of saltwater fishing ever!  On Friday, two big barracuda were added to his tally.  Byron was very impressed with the variety of species here at Turneffe Flats and appreciated Daniel’s patience and willingness to teach.  He said that we will see him again.

Tom R. and Leigh V. from San Rafael, CA, were here with us on a fishing and diving combination package and stayed with us for 4 nights and 3 days.  After diving at Turneffe’s famous, ‘Elbow’, dive site in the morning, John picked them up for a casting refresher and a tutorial on fishing the flats for bonefish.  They reported seeing numerous fish.  Leigh, who had done little flyfishing prior to this trip, had a successful day landing her first bonefish after hooking several.  Tom hooked and landed a few small snappers and jacks.

We enjoyed seeing past guest Mike B., of Chicago, IL, who had another great week with Turneffe Flats.  Fishing with Dion, Mike mainly focused his efforts on bonefish and permit during his stay.  He landed many nice fish and reported seeing fish that were in the double digit range, and brought to hand fish up to the 6-7# range.  One of his highlights was hooking a permit on the “home” flat while wading.  He said the backing went out like a rocket and his reel handle was a blur on the initial run.  After thinking he had regained some control and order was restored, the fish then dove into the coral and broke off, leaving a long distance release and Mike shaking his head.  He said that he had never seen his backing disappear as quickly.

May 7-14, 2016

Weather:  Rain on Sat. evening gave way to beautiful, mostly sunny conditions this week. The wind was consistent, and the tides were nearly ideal.

Water Temp: 80-81

Wind:  The typical prevailing winds from the ESE held this week.  They blew at 4-8 mph during the first part of the week, and then increased slightly to 8-12 for the final days of the week.

Tides: High tide was mid/late morning to mid-afternoon.

Moon: A crescent moon near the end of the week.

Summary:   Near perfect weather conditions and great tides made for excellent fishing opportunities.  The guides and guests reported seeing fewer migratory tarpon than expected, perhaps because of the large amount of rain and cool weather at the end of last week.  Still, more than enough bonefish were found, cast to, and caught.  A few permit were brought to hand as well.

David H. and his wife Elizabeth made their annual trip across the Atlantic, from Britain, for another visit.  This time around, Elizabeth focused her time on snorkeling and eco-tours with Abel, and David was paired to fish with Dion.  David was focused on catching just about anything.  He had a very easy going approach and relied on Dion's best judgment for what to fish for each day.  Dion had a feeling it was going to be a “permit week,” and his premonition was accurate.  David landed three permit, and hooked two more!  What an amazing week of fishing!  He also reported catching some really nice bonefish.  He was all smiles each evening when showing off his catch of the day.  On Wed., he elected to spend the day on the adventure boat with his wife Elizabeth and guide Abel.  His day off from fishing paid off, as he landed a permit on each of his last two days fishing with Dion. Something tells me we'll be seeing more of David and Elizabeth.

Making their fourth trip to Turneffe Flats, fishing buddies Kathy H. and Jim S. from Southern California were eager to get out on the water with their favorite guide – Daniel. Jim's goal was to land a permit; Kathy's goal was to continue to add more species to her “catch list.”  By the end of the week, she was up to 28 different species, and that's just on this atoll.  Included in that list are different jacks, snapper, and of course bonefish.  Now she can add permit to the list, as she landed her first and second permit (she also hooked another that they fought for 20 minutes before it wrapped the line around some mangroves). The Jim and Kathy also reported very good bonefish fishing.  Jim had his heart set on catching a permit.  And on the last day, he finally convinced one to eat his fly.  Despite overcoming the hardest part of permit fishing – getting the fish to eat – the fish spit the fly shortly after peeling some line off the reel.  So that permit will be there for Jim on his second visit.

Another return group, the husband and wife Nick and Brenda D. of Bozeman, MT, brought their adult children, Nicholas and Elizabeth for a quick visit.  The occasion was Brenda's birthday, and the entire lodge helped her celebrate with birthday cheer and chocolate cake. Their trip was a mix of activities including both fishing and snorkeling.  Brenda and Elizabeth started the trip in guide John's boat.  They each landed some nice bonefish and a barracuda.  Nicholas later fished with his mother and he too caught bonefish.  The next day was spent snorkeling with Abel, and they finished their quick trip with the women fishing in the morning and the guys fishing in the afternoon.  The entire family was sad to being leaving Wed., but made promises to return soon enough.  

Last year when Steve J. made his first visit to Turneffe Flats, he vowed he would be back. This year he posted a sales contest for the sales staff at his company.  If they met goals that Steve had set, the company treated them to a week of fishing and adventuring at Turneffe Flats.  Twelve team members, included Steve, brought the fun to the lodge this week.  Late night poker games and plenty of fish stories helped this crew from Montana and Chicago feel right at home.  Mike P., Danny C., Ted D., Kier C., Steve B., Chris B., David K., Ed A., Jeff D., Austin D., and Scott G. had reserved five fishing guides: Mark, Mike, Kimbral, Pops, and Willy; plus they switched off spending time snorkeling with Abel. Then, on Thurs. and Fri., seven of the gang took the day to explore SCUBA diving in our Discover SCUBA class.  It is designed for guests who are interested in SCUBA, but are not certified.  It's a really cool way to be introduced to the sport.  Everyone reported having a great time, no matter is they were fishing, snorkeling, diving, or the mid-week inland tour. Everyone who went fishing saw and caught more than their share of bonefish.  After the first day, David K. wanted to fish for something more challenging, like permit or tarpon.  He got his wish, and had opportunities for both, but they proved be exactly what he expected – more challenging.  There were many barracuda caught this week, along with a few cubera and mutton snapper.  Chris and Scott had a great day with Mark snapper fishing and brought a few back to lodge for everyone to enjoy.  Ed, Steve, Mike and Danny all reported seeing permit and tarpon, as well as bonefish.  They didn't catch any tarpon or permit. However, Steve J.'s graciousness towards his team was rewarded on Fri. when he landed his first permit.  While it wasn't sized for the record books, it is still a permit and will last in his memory as most “firsts” do.  Thanks for bringing a great crew and a lot of fun, positive energy to Turneffe Flats.

George and Stephen W. made their first visit to Turneffe Flats.  Traveling from the northeast, they used some Father and Son time to capitalize on some great fishing.  Both Stephen and George have a fair amount of flats fishing experience, mostly in the Bahamas. They chose Turneffe Flats for the annual trip do the variety of fish species available. Stephen really wanted to land a permit this week.  They started the week warming up on some bonefish.  They reported seeing huge schools, and more challenging conditions than they were used to in the Bahamas.  The fish here are strong and wise and broke off multiple times.  Each day they did find some success.  They fished with Dubs, and he took them to his favorite permit flats.  Both George and Stephen reported seeing a lot of permit, and “turned” a few.  But, permit acted like permit having commitment issues and never falling for the flies that were presented.  They finished their week strong by landing more bonefish.

April 30-May 7, 2016

Weather: There was a high overcast for much of the week; clouds would break for short period of bright sun.  Wed. evening, a thunderstorm rolled through, dropping a lot of rain.  A north wind blew for the next day and brought with it some cool temperatures.  By Fri. afternoon, the sun and warmth had returned.

Water Temp: 78-80

Wind: The wind was mostly manageable, with the prevailing winds from the E and SE to start the week.  Mid-week the wind died; it was the calm before the storm.  Thurs. the wind was from the north before settling back to the east by Fri. afternoon.

Tides: High tide was early in the morning and again early evening to begin the week.  By the end of the week the high tides were mid-morning.

Moon: The new moon was on the May 6.

Summary:  More migratory tarpon have shown up and anglers/guides have started putting more time in fishing for them.  Despite seeing them, few tarpon where jumped this week.  Plenty of bonefish, however, were landed.

Patti and Bill K. returned for another visit from their home in Florida.  They were paired with their favorite guide, Pops.  Many laughs were shared and even more fish were caught.  This week, the couple started off strong with numerous bonefish.  If the number was published in this report, it would not be believed.  Patti certainly had the hot hand and landed some nice big bonefish.  Bill got into the action and caught a few himself.  Having caught enough bonefish, they switched to hunting permit and tarpon.  They reported one group of rolling tarpon, but no hook ups.  Permit eluded them.  To finish strong, they bent the rods with a few more bonefish.

Traveling from the Northeast U.S., long time fishing partners, Allen C. and David K. were joined by their good friend Steve M.  Allen and David have been doing a fishing trip together for longer than 20 years.  This was a return visit to Turneffe Flats and they were paired with Dubs as their guide.  For Steve, this was his first trip and he was paired Dion.  All three anglers had good fishing days and some tougher days.  Overall, they had productive fishing.  Allen and David had a great time catching bonefish from the bow of Dubs' boat and they report a few days of great bonefishing.  They also had a great day of catching "whatever was biting."  Dubs put them on bonefish, ’cudas, jacks, and a few cubera snapper.  Steve experienced solid bonefishing with Dion and then looked for permit.  They were able to find some schools, but the permit were not willing to take Steve's offerings.  All three friends said they would be back for more of the action at Turneffe Flats.

Another group of fishing friends, Bruce J., Bill L., and Jeff C. from Washington and California, made their first visit to Turneffe Flats.  Bruce was the most experience angler of the trio, and perhaps the "luckiest," too.  More on that below.  The three rotated between guides, Daniel and Mike.  The wind was very calm mid-week, and Daniel took that opportunity to take Bill and Jeff south to the Elbow.  At the Elbow, large schools of jacks and permit prowl for their prey.  Bill and Jeff were able to hook into three ... whatever they were, they were big.  All three broke off, and Daniel is certain at least one was a 30+ pound permit, dang!  Bill and Jeff didn't go home empty handed.  They landed many bonefish, with a few pushing over 5 pounds.  One afternoon, the highlight was doubling up on bonefish while wading the flats.  Bruce started the week strong with some nice bonefish to hand and a dandy, 18+ pound permit.  Daniel was his guide that day and reported seeing really good numbers of permit.  The next day, Bruce fished with Mike and they decided to look for some big tarpon ... and found them.  Bruce jumped a triple digit tarpon and fought a hard fight with his 10-weight.  He was able to wrestle the fish all the way to boat, and with the leader inside the guides, he had an "official" landing.  However, the monster fish was not ready yet, burst back into action and in the process snapped the rod like a tooth pick.  It made for a great story though!

The annual fishing trip for Tim T., Mark W., Cale B., Jason H., Bill G., Doug B., Erik H., and Mike D., from San Diego (except for Cale who is from St. Louis) made their inaugural visit to Turneffe Flats.  They were matched up with guides Mark, Willy, Kimbral, and John.  Each day, they fished with a different guide and fishing partner.  Each angler reported productive days of fishing for bonefish, some days more productive than others.  They also spent time chasing permit and tarpon.  And while they had shots at both species, neither were willing to eat their flies.  This group of friends was really fun to have here at the lodge and they brought plenty of "fun" with them.  We'll look forward to seeing them again in the future.  

April 23-30, 2016

Weather: The weather from Sun. to Wed. was ideal.  On Wed., the wind picked up and high overcast skies settled in.  There was no rain reported, but tough conditions for seeing fish with the high overcast.

Water Temp: 78-80

Wind: The wind was settled and calm from the E/ESE at the beginning of the week.  Starting Wed., the wind increased to around 15 mph from the E/ESE.

Tides: The high tide was from late morning to mid-afternoon

Moon: First quarter moon was on April 29.

Summary:  Fishing started off strong and all guests reported plenty of shots at bonefish and a few shots at permit.  A few migratory tarpon have shown up and anglers/guides are starting to shift focus to them.  By the end of the week, the weather conditions proved challenging as high overcast skies moved in, along with increased winds.   Despite that, plenty of bonefish where landed in the latter half of the week.

Jeff M. and Ira I. made their fifth trip to Turneffe Flats.  They brought their tradition of fresh baked goodies from the best bakeries in their favorite boroughs of New York City.  Each evening, Jeff would interrupt the lodge as dessert where being finished.  They were pleasant interruptions, since he came offering sweets.  Rugelach, babkas, honey cake, pignoli cookies and much more were shared and enjoyed.  Everyone was very thankful for Jeff and Ira's generosity.  Their good deeds paid off on the flats.  They spent their days fishing with Michael.  He put them on loads of bonefish and helped each of them polish up their casting.  Ira said he was casting farther and more accurately than ever before.  While bonefish was their main focus, they did do a bit of ’cuda fishing.  They found great fun and success chasing the barries.  Everyone here is looking forward to their next visit ... and the treats they bring.

Dentists Trey W., John C., along with Bart and Dan K. made their first trip to Turneffe Flats from across the U.S., Florida and Virginia.  Dan and Bart fished with Kimbral, John and Trey fished with Pops as their guide.  Dan had a couple of days of great fishing, landing bonefish in the double digits on those days.  Trey and John had mixed fishing, beginning well and then being hampered by the weather conditions.  They each ended the week by landing a bonefish early, and then relaxing at the lodge in the afternoon.  Bart was permit-focused this week.  He had made the trip to Turneffe Flats with the goal of catching his first permit on a fly.  Bart is an experienced angler, mostly for tarpon, but he is relatively new to the flyrod world.  Polling on day one with John, Bart never lost hope even though they hadn't seen anything ... not a single fish.  John told him, “Remember ... it only takes one!”  Indeed.  At 2:30 on Sun., John spotted a 15-18 pound permit.  It was feeding, but as they got close, it stopped.  John suggested holding the cast until they saw it eat again.  After 45 minutes of watching and following the fish, it turned and ate.  John said, “Now's your chance ... take a shot.”  Bart did.  His first cast of the day.  His first-ever cast with a flyrod.  The fly landed and Bart stripped ... Slam!  Fish on!  Bart landed very nice upper teens fish.  Not bad for a single cast for the day.  Mid-week, John and Trey wanted to try for tarpon and their guide Pops has plenty of "secret" spots.  They anchored in one, and while Trey and Pops ate some lunch, John was persistently casting away.  His persistence paid off when an estimated 120-pound tarpon came blasting out of the water a few feet from the skiff.  It jumped one more time, more than 100 yards away before throwing the hook.  The entire boat was energized after that one!  We expect this is the first of many more great tarpon stories to come.

This week we hosted a group from the TV show Buccaneers and Bones.  This show highlights the work of “Bonefish and Tarpon Trust” and we were excited to host both board members and supporters of this conservation organization.  We also had fun with the "talent" for the show, Tom Brokaw, Huey Lewis, Michael Keaton, Yvon Chouinard, Bill Klyn, Chris Dorsey, and Matt Connolly.  They were paired with guides Dion, Dubs, Mark, and Daniel for a few days.  All anglers reported seeing lots of bonefish in the beginning of the week, yet they were difficult to catch.  A few bonefish were caught each day, with many more that where broken off or lost in the corral.  Not to spoil the show, you'll have to watch it in Jan., 2017 to see the full week's highlights.  There were a few permit hooked, a few tarpon jumped, and some nice bonefish landed.

April 9-16, 2016

Weather: This week was consistently nice.  The wind was a little bit of a factor, but did not limit the ability to fish the majority of the atoll.

Water Temp: 78-80

Wind: The wind started mellow, and grew to moderate speeds.  It blew from E-ESE at 2-10 and 8-12 from the same direction to end the week.

Tides: High tide was late morning to mid-day.

Moon: April 14 was the last quarter

Summary:  Overall, the fishing for bonefish this was very good.  All guests reported catching plenty of nice-sized bonefish.  The permit were pesky as is their wont.  A few chased some well-presented flies, but none ate.  There were a few giant tarpon spotted, but no one had the correct gear in the boat when they were seen.

Mike S. and his daughter Kim S. from the Seattle area, returned after a three year break. This time around, Mike split his week first fishing and then diving with his daughter Kim the second half of the week.  Mike teamed up with Pops and they had a great three days of fishing for bonefish.  Mike reported many opportunities and he landed plenty.  He spent some time looking for permit, and though they found some, the permit were permit and they refused to eat.  A few of the evenings Mike could be seen out on the home flat.  He reported having numerous shots at bonefish on the home flat.  It was really nice to see the closeness shared between father and daughter.  We will look forward to seeing this duo again in the future.

Wayne and Darlene R. from Reno, Nevada made their first trip to Turneffe Atoll for some fishing, relaxing, and a little snorkeling.  Dion was their guide and enjoyed fishing and a little snorkeling with him.  Wayne fished with Dion everyday and caught loads of bonefish. Darlene fished most of the week, but took a few days to chill at lodge and enjoy some down time.  The days that she did go fishing, she reported catching a bunch of bonefish.  She claimed to have out fished Wayne, early in the week; Wayne was unwilling to confirm or deny.  Darlene also took her snorkeling gear each day and spent a few hours in the water while Wayne kept catching fish.  Wayne also got into the snorkeling action later in the week. The days that Darlene played hooky from fishing, Wayne and Dion chased permit.  They reported seeing large schools and getting many shots at them.  They tried different flies and different retrieve styles, but were not able to entice any permit into eating.  Wayne's parting comment was that Turneffe Atoll is one of the coolest fisheries he has ever fished.  

Leland "Lee" S. and Brian L., also from Reno, are close friends of Wayne and Darlene. Lee is pretty new to fishing, especially fly fishing.  Brian is an experienced angler with a ton of passion for the sport.  Lee started the week with some fishing, and then jumped on the dive a boat few days.  He joined the dive crew for the weekly trip to the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef.  He was able to get a taste of the best diving and fishing at Turneffe.  On his first day on the flats, he caught bonefish into high double digits.  Brian, is more angler than a diver, and he spent his entire week rod in-hand.  He broke up his time catching bonefish and later hunting for permit.  Mark was their guide and he loves all fishing, but especially hunting for permit.  The days that Brian fished solo, they focused on permit. Brian reported seeing lots of fish and getting many great shots, but was unable to get one to eat. That was the theme for the week: permit being permit.  It didn't hurt Brian's attitude as he never stopped smiling.  He was excited to fish on Turneffe Atoll and was very impressed with the robustness of the bonefish.    

Mike F. and Carla S. along with friends and fellow Coloradans Pete and Teresa T. were here for the second time.  They had such a great fishing with Michael last year that they returned for another week.  Pete and Teresa also enjoyed the experience and returned again to enjoy the fishing, diving, and relaxing.  Mike and Carla started strong with a few great days of catching bonefish, ’cudas, and snapper.  Mike caught a big, cubera snapper early in the week. Pete and Teresa fished with John.  They reported seeing many schools of bonefish and landing a few.  Pete is also an avid diver, so he was on our combination fishing/diving package.  He dove on Monday and Tuesday, and was able to dive the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef.  Once he scratched it off his list, he refocused on fishing.  Pete and Teresa reported good fishing to end their week.  Teresa and Carla took a day off to hang out at the lodge and get massages.  Obviously they had a great day.  Mike really wanted to catch a permit this week.  Guide Michael, really wanted him to catch a permit, but just as everyone else reported, the permit were picky.  They were able to "turn" a few fish, but none of them ate the fly.  We'll look forward to seeing this group of friends again next year.

Justin W. of Hemispheres Unlimited, an international agency, brought a group of family and friends to Turneffe Flats for the first time.  He was joined by Deb (his mother) and Mike L., Andrea and Sal B., Matt B, and Justin's wife Khadizhat and baby daughter Aya.  Deb and Khadizhat spent most their week at the lodge with the baby.  They were able to get out for a short snorkel adventure with guide Abel.  Andrea "floated" around, spending time on the Adventure Boat, snorkeling and looking for manatees and simply relaxing here at the lodge.  She did spend an afternoon fishing with Teresa T. and even hooked her first bonefish.  Justin split his week fishing with Mike L., Matt B., and Sal B.  They were paired with Willy and Dubs as their guides.  All anglers caught bonefish and reported a few shots at permit, to start their week.  Justin reported hooking into two huge rainbow parrot fish.  In case this is new news, rainbow parrot fish are extremely difficult to catch.  So the fact that Justin was able to hook two, in a day's worth of fishing is fantastic.  Matt B. experienced some really great fishing too.  Sal took a day, mid-week, to go snorkeling with his wife Andrea.  He returned to fishing on Thursday.  Sal joined Mike and Willy for some bottom fishing and trolling.  They found success fishing for snapper, grouper, and barracuda.

Jack H. from the Seattle area, had such a great experience last year, that he talked his buddy Bruce R. into joining him this year.  They were paired to fish with Daniel as their guide.  Daniel put them on lots of bonefish to start the week and they connected with numerous fish.  As they week grew long, they switched to looking for permit.  As with the other anglers this week, the permit remained finicky for Jack and Bruce, too.  The end the week they refocused on bonefish and both remark on how much they enjoyed the challenge for landing the big bonefish in and around the coral of the back reefs.  They said the reward of landing a few made up for the others that were lost to the coral.  They are already planning a return trip for next year.

April 2-9, 2016

Weather: Two weeks in a row of great fishing weather.  Mid week, there was one day of rain, but overall the weather was ideal.

Water Temp: 79-80 degrees

Wind: What little wind we had was from the East/South-East at 5-12 mph.

Tides: The high tides were early morning to late morning.

Moon: The new moon was on April 7th

Summary:  The fishing this week was awesome.  There were seven anglers who caught their first permit this week.  The bonefishing was consistent and there was a few tarpon jumped... some early migratory fish.

Grant H. and his father Mike H., owners and operators of St. Pete's fly shop in Fort Collins Colorado, brought a group of anglers down the Turneffe Flats for their annual trip.  This year, they were joined by Mike and Linda G., Barry F., John N., Troy A., and Mandy and David T., who brought their 3 daughters Kiley, Kenna, and Katelyn.  Linda G. and the girls, Kiley, Kenna, and Katelyn spent their week enjoying Eco-tours with our Atoll Adventure guide Abel. Mandy and David where the only ones in this group who fished together the entire week.  The rest of the group switched up fishing partners and guides each day.  Mandy and David fished with Mark.  And the other anglers switched between Daniel, Dion, and Dubs. On day one, both Grant and Mike H. landed a permit.  For Mike H., this was his first.  He started strong start as this fish weighed into to double digits.  Not to be out done, Troy A. got into the action on day one too.   Consistent with the theme of the week, this was Troy's first permit.  By mid week, John N. made his mark, by landing his first permit.  Mandy and David arrived a day later than the rest of the group, due to travel issues, but they jumped right in, with highly productive fishing.  On their first day, they landed lots of the bonefish, and Mandy landed two permit... this was her first day on the flats!  Not a bad way to start.  Barry wasn't able to connect with a permit, but he reported great bonefishing. The entire group reported slow fishing on Tuesday, as the conditions where cloudy and rainy.  The rest of the week the fishing picked back up.  Mike G. took the prize when he landed his first permit.  He had made multiple trips to Turneffe Flats with hopes of catching this great fish.  We're very happy for him that he was able to accomplish this goal.  His guide, Daniel, was also very happy and enjoyed a celebratory drink with Mike.  Big thanks to Grant H. for organizing yet another great group of anglers through St. Pete's Fly Shop.

Roger S. and his daughter Stephanie S. took a break from their homes in New Hampshire to make their first visit to Turneffe Flats.  They were teamed up with Mike as their guide. Both Roger and Stephanie had fished the flats before, but neither had landed the elusive permit.  They chose to book their fishing vacation with us because they were interested in accomplishing the feat of catching their first permit.  They started the week wisely by brushing up on flats fishing by having a great day of catching bonefish.  Once they felt dialed in, their guide Mike, focused on putting them on permit.  They had many opportunities and turned lots of fish each day.  It wasn't until Thursday that Stephanie struck first, landing her first permit... a robust permit in the double digits.  Mike was determined to get Roger into his first, and on Friday that opportunity arose.  Earlier in the day, Roger had had many shots, but was unable to place the fly where it needed to be... he had a bad case of Permit Fever - when a normally strong and accurate caster, gets nervous when a permit shows up.  Mike had the cure.  When a big permit was slowly cursing to the boat, Mike told Roger it was a bonefish.  Roger, unshaken by bonefish, confidently placed the fly right where it needed to be... strip, strip and fish on!  Roger was elated to land his first permit ever!  Both Roger and Stephanie remarked that Mike was the best guide they have ever fished with.  Thanks for the kudos Roger and Stephanie.

Perry M. and his uncle Oliver D. left New York to make their first trip flats fishing, here at Turneffe Flats.  Both are avid anglers and looked forward to a productive week of learning the finer points of fly fishing on the flats.  They were paired up with John as their guide.  The two reported seeing lots and lots of bonefish at the being of the week, but reported some difficulty in landing them.  By mid week, they experienced more productive bonefishing, so they then went looking for permit.  Permit, however, where difficult for them to find.  Despite the scarcity, they were able to get a few good shots and turned a few fish.  Their first permit caught will have to wait until their next trip to Turneffe Flats.

March 26-April 2, 2016

Weather: It is hard to beat a week like this!  Great fishing weather prevailed all week

Water Temp: 79-80 degrees

Wind: What little wind we had was from the East/South-East at 5-12 mph.

Tides: The high tides were from mid-day to early afternoon.

Moon: The moon was waning all week.

Summary:  We could not have asked for better weather for fishing.  The fish responded as expected and fed aggressively.  This was the most productive bonefish and permit fishing of the year.

Charlie H. returned to Turneffe Flats for his seventh trip to the atoll.  This time, he requested Pops, his original guide his first trip.  The two work well together, as they are both "go with the flow" anglers.  When the bonefish are biting, that's what they fished for. When the permit were hungry, that was their target. This week, Pops often put Charlie on a permit.  Charlie reported many, many shot at large schools of permit.  At the beginning of the week, he hooked two, but lost both.  The next day, he landed a nice double digit permit. After his success early in the week, he switched focus to bonefish and landed many.

David C. made the journey to Turneffe Flats from California, joined by his wife, Ellen. Ellen is a diver and David split his time fishing and diving, choosing to do both in the same day, and also just fish or dive.  Since the dive boat was heading to Lighthouse Reef and the famous Blue Hole, David joined his wife Ellen in the World Class diving there.  When he wasn't diving, he was fishing with John.  John put David on many bonefish, and David did his part to catch ’em.  He had a great week bringing numerous large bonefish to hand. The team looked for permit, and despite getting good shots, David was unable to entice one into eating.  He did, however, swim up close and get personal with permit during his dives.

Making his first trip to Turneffe Flats from Virginia, Dick P. arrived the week prior and joined our Atoll Adventure boat for a half week of snorkeling and eco-tours.  This week was was paired up to fish with TF guide Dion.  Dick was here for permit, and he had a highly successful week.  Dion did give him a little fuel for some good natured teasing on day one when the first permit Dick landed slipped out of Dion's hand before they could get the photo. Luckily, Dion was able to make up for it by getting Dick into three more.

Doug G., the Travel Coordinator from Anglers All fly shop in Denver, brought a group of anglers and Atoll Adventures this week.  Matt L., Jeff T., Jeff H., Chris W., Dick S., Jonathan W., Lon S., and Wayne G., was joined by couples Tasha and Phil B., Lori and Bob S., and Ruth and Jeff W.  The crew of anglers was paired with guides Mark, Mike, Dubs, Daniel, Kimbral, and Eddie.  All reported really good bonefishing on the first day. Since Lon and Wayne were able to land their first bonefish on day one, they decided to "try" for permit on day two and guide Daniel was determined to get them into fish.  When they returned at the end of the day, they had the photos to prove their success.  They each landed their first permit!  Jeff T. and Chris W. spent their week fishing with Kimbral.  They enjoyed the light sense of humor that Kimbral has and it showed in their fishing.  Each reported catching a bunch of bonefish on this first saltwater fishing experience.  Jonathan W. is a certified casting instructor, and this was his second trip to Turneffe Flats.  His goal this time around was his first permit.  His fishing buddy, Dick S., shared the boat and they fished with Dubs.  Early on, they decided to dedicate the majority of their fishing time to looking for permit.  Dick was the first to strike, landing a really nice permit in the double digit range.  This was his first as well.  The next day, Jonathan rose to the occasion and nailed his first permit too.  His was well worth the wait, as it pushed the upper teens. Guide Michael spent his week fishing with Phil and Jeff.  They quickly dialed into the bonefish groove and landed many nice bonefish.  Wives Tasha and Ruth split time between the pool and snorkeling with Abel on our Atoll Adventure boat.  Doug and Jeff H. had a great day to start the week, highlighted by each landing a black tip reef shark ... scary cool.  Jeff H. and Matt L. finished the week together and fished with Eddie.  They had successful end of the week, landing some big bonefish.  Jeff H. upped his personal best to 8 pounds.  Matt had a day where he landed close to 20 bonefish.  Bob S. had a great start to the week and landed plenty of bonefish before taking the last few days off to relax.  His wife Lori enjoyed her time with Abel and the other snorkelers.  Doug G. capped his week with the perfect end, by landing his personal best permit … a dandy specimen in the upper teens.  We'll look forward to the next Anglers All group later this year.

March 19-26, 2016

Weather: The week started with idyllic fishing conditions on Sunday.  The light wind and sun gave way to overcast and windy conditions Monday and Tuesday, before settling back into very pleasant fishing conditions to end the week.    

Water Temp: 79-80 degrees

Wind: E at 2-5 mph on Sunday, then 15-20 mph out of the north Monday and Tuesday, and soften to 5-10 for the remainder of the week.  

Tides: The high tides were from mid-morning to mid-day.

Moon: Full moon was on the 23rd of March.

Summary:  Many of this week’s anglers were committed to looking for permit, and they each reported having multiple opportunities to catch a permit – a few were landed.  The bonefish this was very, very productive.  All anglers reported seeing and catching plenty of bonefish.  Many anglers commented on the size and robustness of the bonefish on Turneffe Atoll, as being bigger than the bonefish in other parts of Belize.      

Kurt B. and his wife Sara took some time away from Roseburg OR to make their 5th trip to Belize and first visit to Turneffe Flats.  While Sara was enjoying the amenities at the lodge and/or snorkeling with Abel on the Adventure Boat, Kurt was hunting the flats with his guide Mark.  Kurt was determined to catch his first permit.  He many chances and turned a bunch of fish, but he was unable to get them to eat.  The closest he came was a fish that tipped on the fly, but must have missed it.  Mark said he was shocked it didn’t get the hook.  Kurt didn’t leave empty handed, he landed a few nice bonefish, and made mention of how impressed he was by the size of the bonefish on Turneffe Atoll, compared with other parts of Belize that he has fished!

Charlene K. took a break from the rainy winters of Washington State and was on an extended trip throughout Belize.  She chose to do the fishing part of her vacation with Turneffe Flats.  “Char” was paired with Kimbral and he took extra special care of her.  She had recently turned 70 and she had wanted to catch bonefish.  By day 3, Kimbral was able help her accomplish her goal.  Nicely done Char.  Congratulations!

Brent P. and Dexter P. traveled to Turneffe Flats with mother/wife Didi and girlfriend Megan, from the state of Oregon.  Brent and Didi had made a trip to Belize many years earlier and had been interested in returning.  They picked Turneffe Flats because unlike most of the other resorts in Belize, Turneffe Flats doesn’t have many neighbors.  While Didi and Megan snorkeled with Abel, Brent and Dexter tested their hand at fishing.  They were paired with John, who quickly put them on bonefish.  On day one, the duo hooked a bunch of bones, but were unable to land any fish.  Day two, Megan and Brent swapped spots, and Dexter and Megan had an enjoyable day with John.  By day three, both Brent and Dexter were back together, and everything came together, as they were able to land a few bonefish.

Robert G. and his wife Stacy, also from Oregon, stayed over from the previous week.  Last week, Robert was on the adventure boat.  He fished a half week with Kimbral, before he and Stacy ventured on to Chai Creek, and the jungle.  Robert enjoys fishing, but had never spent anytime fishing the flats.  He was eager to learn, which he did quickly.  Kimbral did an excellent job of fine him plenty of bonefish, and he was able to connect with the speed ghost of the flats.  

Kendrick and Lacy M. and their children Maggie, Sarah, and Goodwyn were joined by their family friends George and Molly M. and their children Mary Reagan and George Jr. The two families made their first trip to Turneffe Flats from Charlotte North Carolina.  Many activities were planned for the families, including snorkeling, manatee, and dolphin tours, and of course some fishing.  Kendrick started with his youngest daughter Sarah, fishing with guide John who was able to help Sarah catch her first bonefish!  George and Mary Reagan fished with Kimbral and he too helped Mary Reagan catch her first bonefish too.  On day two, George and George Jr. spent the day fishing for bonefish.  They were able to hook into a bunch, and George Jr. landed his first bonefish on a fly.  Meanwhile, Kendrick split the day with Maggie and Goodwyn.  Both returned to island with stories of catching bonefish.  By then end of their stay, all of the anglers in these two families had landed some bonefish… even Kendrick and George.  Plans are already in the works for a return visit.  

Staying over from the week prior, birthday boy Martin Z. was joined by his friends, Urs F., Urs M., Christoph S., Roger J., Andre M., Dario L., and  the father/son team of Ross and Mark H., all of whom helped him celebrate his 50th year of life.  Roger J. started the celebration week by catching his first permit… the first one of the week, and big one!  All Sunday evening, Roger could be seen doing the “permit” dance around the grounds and lodge, as he reveled in the moment.  The others in the group reported seeing permit, but not getting them to eat.  Ross and Mark caught plenty of bonefish.  As the week went on, the birthday boy himself got into the action.  Martin Z. landed his first permit with his guide Dubs directing him.  Martin was ecstatic to knock this one of his species list.  The rest of the party reported productive bonefishing, and they mentioned seeing plenty of permit… the picky ones.  On the final day of fishing, Roger’s permit dance was seen again.  Roger’s guide Daniel was very excited that Roger was able to connect again with another magical fish.  Roger was clearly happy too, as he was seen dancing his way back to Switzerland.  

Mar 5-12, 2016

Weather: The weather pattern has stayed consistent for the past few weeks – clear skies and calm winds to start the week, followed by a strong wind event to end the week.  This week, the winds were stronger than previous weeks, but it was mostly out of the south/southeast, so the guides were still able to find protected areas to fish.

Water Temp: 80-81 degrees

Wind: A mild ESE breeze held from Sunday through Wednesday, mostly at 5-7 mph.  Wednesday was, again, the transition day … this time the wind blew from the SSE for the remainder of the week from 10-15 mph, with gust up to 25 mph.  Friday was by far the day of strongest winds.

Tides: The high tides were from early morning to mid-day.

Moon: The night skies were bright with stars since the moon was just beginning to wax.

Summary: Holding true to the weather pattern, again this week the most productive fishing was during the first half of the week.  All guests reported seeing and catch good numbers of bonefish.  A few permit were found, but only a few caught.  Ah … permit!

Griffin and Paul B., a son and father duo from Texas, returned to Turneffe Flats with their entire family.  Brothers Charlie and Riley, with Riley’s girlfriend Kali, and matriarch Jeannine, spent the majority of their time on the dive boat.  It is always great to see families that travel together.  Griffin and Paul’s fishing week started strong, with each catching some nice bonefish.  Their guide Daniel reported some “big” bonefish.  The highlight of the week was certainly Griffin catching a permit.  After a few days of hunting, and getting some good shots, he was able to connect with his first permit.  Nicely done!  Paul’s highlight was a bonefish in the 7-pound range.  We will look forward to see the entire family again next year.

Sam and Luke M. escaped the cold winters in South Dakota to enjoy their first saltwater fly-fishing trip.  They were paired with TF guide Dubs and they were eager to learn as much as they could about flats fishing.  Dubs showed them the best of Turneffe Atoll and flats fishing in Belize.  Each evening Luke and Sam shared what they had learned in their “classroom.”  From their reports, the learning curve was very steep.  Day one started off rocky, with a few bonefish hooked, but all broke off.  By day two, they had dialed in the “strip strike” pressure and each landed a bunch of bones, including few larger ones near the end of the day.  They spent time both on the bow of the boat and wade fishing, which they each said the really enjoyed.  On Thursday, the earlier-in-the-week lessons paid off big time – both Sam and Luke landed their first permit!  What a great way to spend some quality time with your son or father.  We will look forward to see you guys again… now that you’re “hooked.”

Return guests Charlie S., Mike U., and Jack G., ventured out of New York City to make their second visit to Turneffe Flats in six months.  Their last trip here was in October and their fishing was so good they couldn’t stay away… they are already looking to returning this fall.  These three amigos are the “life of the party,” and helped keep the evening’s festivities going.  They were paired with guides Mike and Mark, taking turns fishing solo and rotated between their guides.  All three reported great fishing at the start of the week, with catch rates in the double digits on bonefish for the first day.  They also targeted snapper, snook and some resident tarpon.  Jack was determined to catch a permit, and in fact did hook a big one mid-week.  He fought it for some time before the fish wrapped the line in the mangroves and broke off.   Charlie and Jack each landed bonefish over 6 pounds, and Charlie caught a nice snapper that he shared with the rest of the guests (NOTE:  We don’t often harvest fish, but this one took the hook deep and was unlikely to survive.)  Everyone who enjoyed the fish fingers thanked him.  By the last few days of the week, all three reported slow fishing, mostly due to the strong winds from the southeast.  When they return this fall, we’ll be sure to order up some calmer days.

February 27-Mar 5, 2016
Weather: Similar to the past few weeks, we began with calm winds, sunny skies, and happy fish. Wednesday evening ushered in a small wind/rain storm.  Most of the wind and rain happened during the evening hours, so the fish was relatively uninterrupted.
Water Temp: 80-81 degrees
Wind: A calm E/SE breeze held from Sunday through Wednesday, mostly at 5-7 mph.  Wednesday was the transition day … luckily, the transition did not occur until late evening when we experienced gusts to 20 mph from the North.  The wind dwindled a bit to 10-15 from the N/NE for the balance of the week.
Tides: The high tides were from mid-day to late afternoon.
Moon: The last quarter was on March 1st.The fishing this week started off with guests reporting excellent fishing for the first four days.
Summary: The week started off with great fishing conditions.  All anglers reported seeing lots of bonefish.  Those who where looking for permit and tarpon did see some fish, but not as many as the week prior.

Jim F. met Bob C. and two fished with Pops this week.  Jim returned to Turneffe Flats from Virginia, and since his wife isn’t an angler, Jim was paired with Bob C. from North Carolina.  This was Bob’s first visit to the atoll.  Bob was here to spend time with his son Josh.  Josh being a diver, spent his week enjoying to great diving here on the atoll. Bob and Jim quickly became fishing buddies.  They spent much of their week wading the flats in search of bonefish.  Pops was able to help them find and land fish every day… some days where more productive than others.  Midweek, Jim had a magic day, when a 20 pound permit ate his fly.  After a long tug of war, Jim was the victor.  Friday was Bob’s day. He got into over 10 bonefish.  Both angler left on Saturday with fond memories, and promised to return.

George T. and Bruce W. joined us from Tennessee and Virginia.  This was George’s second visit, his first was just a few months ago in August.  Prior to both visits, George was in San Ignacio Belize doing teaching/clinical work at the hospital there.  His visit with us was his bonus to himself.  His long-time friend, Bruce, joined us for the first time.  They were paired to fish with Mark.  They enjoyed great wading on the flats for the first days, catching many bonefish and getting a few shots at permit.  On Wednesday they made their way to the southern point of the atoll.  There was some good bonefishing to be had, and they also went “outside” of the atoll.  They found a nice school tuna (not common). George hooked one and the game was on!  A short time into the fight, a HUGE explosion happened on the end of the line, and then the line came toward the boat.  Both George and Mark saw a large Tiger shark chewing on George’s tuna.  On Friday, George, Bruce, and Mark decided to test out some trolling outside of the reef.  Of course they hoped to find those tuna again.  While they didn’t find any tuna, they find some barracudas, and a king Mackeral.  George was very excited to be able to feed the lodge that evening with his catch.  

This was Michael G.’s first visit to Turneffe Flats.  He started his journey in New Jersey and was very happy to land in warm sunny Belize.  Michael was paired with Dubs as his guide.  Since Michael doesn’t have a lot of saltwater experience, he was very appreciative of the instruction he received from Dubs.  They started their week focused on fishing for bonefish.  After a few productive days of bonefishing, Michael wanted to test his hand at catching a permit.  This trip was not to be his permit trip.  While they found a few, they did not seem to be interested in feeding.  In order to end the week strong, the team Michael/Dubs switched back to catching bonefish.  Michael returned to New Jersey with new knowledge of the sport he enjoys.

February 20-27, 2016
The week began with calm winds, sunny skies, and happy fish.  Wednesday evening started off calm, with the waxing moon to the East, but a few thunderstorms to the West ushered in a windy, rainy end to the week.

Water Temp: 79-80 degrees

Wind: A calm E breeze held from Sunday through Wednesday, at 5-7 mph.  Wednesday was the transition day … luckily, the transition did not occur until late evening when we experienced gusts to 20 mph from the North.  The wind dwindled a bit to 10-15 from the East for the balance of the week.

Tides: The high tides were from mid-morning to mid-day all week.

Moon: Full moon was on February 22 – and it was beautiful.
Summary:  The fishing this week started off RED HOT with guests reporting excellent fishing for the first four days.  The highlight was permit fishing, with four landed on Sunday.  

Ashville, NC was well represented this week as long term return guests Joel and Marla A. and b and bwhere joined by their friends and first-time guests Brown C. and Judy E.  Joel and Marla each landed a few large bonefish before Joel brought two permit to the boat – the second estimated at 18-20 pounds. Tunc and Nancy also landed big bonefish, but the highlight for Tunc was catching his 1st permit.  Brown and Judy had great fishing too.  They started the week hunting bonefish and experience two highly productive days.  On Wednesday, their guide Daniel suggested they look for permit, and Judy was very happy they did – she landed her first – a 20-pounder, no less!  The Ashville crew enjoyed the rest of the week fishing mostly for bonefish.  Joel A. did manage to catch a parrot fish too!

Florida residents Steve and Caryn S. came to Turneffe Flats for the first time.  They were paired with TF guide John, who they loved.  They mostly enjoyed wading the flats for bonefish and after a few days of getting back into the groove of casting and fishing, they had a few productive sessions with bonefish.  Mid-week, they took a break from fishing and joined Abel on the Atoll Adventure boat.  They awed by the great snorkeling here on the atoll.  

Mike and Juli R. returned from Louisville for a second year in a row.  They had such a great time last year that they decided to stay for an extra 3 days, and use the time to enjoy our Atoll Adventure program.  Again this year they fished with TF guide Mark.  Though Mike and Juli would likely have a great day no matter what … they also started off the week Red Hot!  They had an exciting first morning of fishing for bonefish, but no doubt, the highlight of the day was when Mike caught his first permit.  Congratulations!  Celebration was even more appropriate since he caught the permit using his brand new Hatch 9 plus Turneffe Atoll Trust (TAT).  $250 from the sale of each reel goes to TAT … clearly, you’ll get a bunch of positive fishing karma!  

Paul L. was joined by his wife Felecia and daughter Kaitlin.  He was paired with Dubs and they joined Abel on the Atoll Adventure boat.  Paul hasn’t been saltwater fishing very long and was very interested in learning the finer points of the flats game.  Dubs was just the guide he needed.  They spent the week chasing bonefish and permit.  The week started by catching a bunch of really healthy bonefish.  Paul commented on one of the biggest pluses to fishing at Turneffe Flats is the ability to have a conversation with his guide.  Previously, he had fished in Mexico, where his guides only spoke “fishing English.” Paul really wanted to catch his first permit.  On Wednesday, he came close.  A permit followed, tipped up, and ate the fly.  But, unfortunately the fly snapped off on the eat.  Next time you’ll get them Paul.

Dennis M. and Mike S., stayed over from last week, and continued the great experience they were having with TF guide Kimbral.  Lots of laughs where heard across the flats as Mike, Dennis, and Kimbral shared some jokes.  On Tuesday, everything came together and the duo hooked into more fish that day than the rest of the week combined.  Both left with an appreciation of the fishery and their guide.

Mark and Marina C. escaped the long winter in Alaska with a quick visit to Belize.  They were here for a short, half-week trip, but lucked out with the better half from a weather perspective.  This was their first time flats fishing and they loved it.  Being used to catching king salmon on heavy tackle, it took them a few attempts before just the right “touch” was honed in.  Once they did, they enjoyed catching numerous bonefish and barracuda.  Both left understanding the allure of fishing on the flats, and said they’ll be back.

Heidi F. brought her boys to the atoll for a nice seaside getaway.  Her son Henry J. is a fish hound and was out walking the flats within minutes of arriving on Wednesday.  Henry was focused.  He loves fishing and loves being outdoors.  He and his mother jumped in with Kimbral for the balance of the week.  Unfortunately, the weather was tough – wind, clouds, with some rain.  Despite the difficult conditions, Henry was able to land bonefish.  Congratulations Henry.  It’s great to see a mother who is enables her son’s passions.  

February 13 - 20, 2016

Weather: The week began with brisk winds from the prior week’s cold front (hopefully, the last of the season) which transitioned to pleasant, calm breezes and clear skies. The tail-end end of the week brought more wind and a few isolated squalls.

Air Temp: Highs of upper-70s to low-80s

Water Temp: 79-80 degrees

Wind: A N-NE breeze on Sunday, gave way to a nice light easterly for the mid-section of the week, before increasing again near the end. Winds started at 10-20 mph on Sunday and mellowed to 5-7 for Monday to Wednesday, before increasing slightly to 10-15 for Thursday and Friday.

Tides: We had a rising tide in the late afternoon to start the week and early morning the end the week.

Moon: First quarter was on Feb. 15th.

Summary: This weeks unsettled weather made for an extra challenge at the beginning and the end of the week.  Thankfully the middle part of the week saw better fishing conditions and the anglers/guides made the best of it, capitalizing with some great catches.

Earl M., of Spring Island, SC is a friend and regular guest who enjoys fishing with Dubs so much that he makes his way down here at least three times per year. “Dubsy” (as Earl fondly refers to him) and Earl are a proven team on the flats, and it shows with day in day out great fishing stories Earl shares during appetizers. This week was no different. Earl started with a very productive day of bonefishing. It continued into mid-week with a good day of snook fishing. Connecting with a permit eluded Earl this trip, despite multiple shots each day. He ended his week with more productive bonefishing. It looks like permit number 51 will just have to wait until his next visit.  

David H. is another longtime guest of Turneffe Flats, also hailing from Spring Island. David was joined on this trip by his son Jake H. for the start of the week. As always, David fished with Dion. While Jake has been fishing for years, this was his first time fishing on the flats. Jake start the week by catching his first, second, third (you get the point) bonefish. He was very excited each day upon his return to the lodge. David was a proud father who enjoyed watching his son catch fish as much as catching them himself. The two tried their luck with permit, and although they too had multiple shots, they were unable to connect. On Wednesday, Jake needed to return state-side for work, which left Dion and the boat all to David. He took advantage of his time on the front of the boat by catching some really nice snook. He also had multiple shots at “the biggest bonefish” he’d ever seen on the Atoll, but was unable to get the fish to commit. More encounters with snook and some productive bonefishing capped another great week.

Wally M., a third member of the “Spring Island” crew, returned again to Turneffe Flats with buddies David H. and Earl M.  We always enjoy seeing these guys. This time, Wally fished with Daniel and looked  primarily for permit . Unfortunately, this was not his week. As with most of the anglers looking for permit, there were many opportunities, but the fish seemed to have “commitment” issues. He had multiple fish inspect his fly, but none that fell for the imitation crab. Wally did manage to land some nice bonefish and enjoyed his time fishing with Daniel.

Matt O. and Bill W. made their first visit to Turneffe Flats and assured us it wouldn’t be their last. They took a break from the damp northwest weather in the Seattle area. Both have lots of experience fly-fishing, but not too much time on the flats. For Bill, this was the first time he had ever been saltwater fishing. They were paired with guide Michael and started the week really strong. Bill’s first bonefish to hand was a 5-1/2 pounder! He continued the strong fishing by catching more bonefish, some snappers, a few jacks, and a mutton snapper! Matt quickly took to the flats and was able to have productive bonefishing. He soon wanted to catch a permit. Echoing the theme of the week, Michael’s boat saw lots of the elusive fish, but was unable to seal the deal … until late in the day on Friday, that is. After a tough morning of seeing more permit, only to get refused again and again, Michael suggested one final flat. They reached the end of the flat and were just about to reel up, when a group of three permit was spotted. Matt made a perfectly placed cast between the three and connected! Congratulations Matt on landing your first permit!

Dennis S. and Barbara S. joined us this week from the Seattle area too. Needing some time away from the rain and cold of the northwest, they joined us for the first time. Relatively new to flats fishing, Dennis was eager to learn and catch bonefish and permit. Barbara isn’t much of an angler, but loves being outdoors, so she joined Dennis each day on the water. They were paired with Mark as their guide, and they had a great week with him. Bonefish were the target at the front half of the week, with more focus placed on permit in the latter half. While similar to most anglers this week, many permit where found, but none was enticed. Dennis found plenty of success with bonefish for him to leave with a smile on his face.

Kyle V., Sam D., Jed S., Chris A., Brian H., Brad M., all from the Salt Lake City area, joined us for the first time. Brian and Jed focused exclusively on fishing, while the other four split their time between fishing and scuba diving. The group of six rotated their time with guides Pops, Willy, and John while fishing and enjoyed some underwater lionfish “fishing” with Denroy. Brian and Jed started the week with good bonefishing and flowed into the end of the week determined to catch a permit. Willy led them to permit, and Brian hooked up twice, but was not able to bring one in. Kyle, Sam, Chris, and Brad didn’t have much experience fly-fishing, but wanted to learn. They each connected with bonefish on the first day and were able to land a few before the end of the week. Again, they too looked for permit, found them, but were unable to get them to eat. This crew was fun to have around the lodge, fun stories and great friends made for a memorable trip

January 23 - 30, 2016

Weather: A week of mixed weather began with the tail-end of the prior week’s cold front passing and leading to calmer and mostly sunny conditions; some precipitation on Thursday.  

Air Temp: Highs of mid-70s to low-80s

Water Temp: 79-80 degrees

Wind: A NW breeze on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday gave way to a nice easterly for the second half of the week. Winds stayed between 5-15mph for most of the fishing week.  

Tides: We had a rising tide during the late morning and early afternoon during the week.

Moon: Full Moon Jan 23.

Summary: Even though we had some unstable weather, there were some notable catches and good fishing. Here’s a summary:

Bruce and Mary Anne H. took a break from the ski season in Eagle, CO to fish with us this week. Bruce is a well-travelled angler with many bonefishing trips under his belt. He spent the week fishing with guide Daniel. Bruce preferred to wade and targeted bonefish as well as the other reef species. Mary Anne fished part of the week and also joined our Atoll Adventure program for part of the week. Bruce and Anne reported quality bonefishing with good numbers of fish hooked each day and “hundreds” seen. Bruce had a once-in-a-lifetime experience hooking and landing a large rainbow parrotfish along the reef while bonefishing. Although usually an algae grazer, the fish ate a Pops’ Bitter and put up quite a tussle on the 8-weight rod. You can see the photo of this not-seen-often catch on our Facebook page at:

Ron A., David D., Steve A. and Cora G. arrived on Wednesday morning to stay with us for a 4 night, 3 day visit. Ron A. and David D. had long way to travel from Sun River and Bend, OR to join friends, Steve A. and Cora G., who now reside in Caye Caulker, Belize. Hampered by the overcast conditions at the end of the week, Dave and Ron made the best of it both wading and poling with guide Mark. Cora and Steve fished with John primarily targeting bonefish while wading on the Atoll’s eastside flats. Both sets of anglers had ample opportunity and Cora was very happy with the progress she made hooking and landing bonefish each day. David and Ron were also joined on the trip by their wives, Judy and Margaret, who enjoyed a little rest and relaxation while their husbands fished. The group then departed to head over to Caye Caulker for a little more “adventure.”

Richard L. and Mitch S. of Dade City, FL and Cummings, GA respectively, were first-time guests to Turneffe Flats. Fishing with guide Michael, these two anglers brought plenty of past experience, but little in the way of bonefishing. Michael helped pave the way for their success by offering instruction as well as mixing wade fishing and poling. The pair reported solid bonefishing all week and was amazed by Michael’s ability to spot fish, especially during marginal light. The highlight of their week was Mitch landing his first permit on Tuesday. After trading shots between them during the morning, Mitch got the “eat” he was looking for as he fought a nice fish for about 20 minutes before releasing it post-picture. Congratulations Mitch!


January 16 - 23, 2016

Weather: A cold front from last week lingered to begin this week, bringing a mix of conditions from breezy to mild without a stable pattern emerging. We had a mix of sun and clouds most days with significant rain only on Tuesday.

Air Temp: Highs of upper-70s to mid-80s

Water Temp: 78-80 degrees

Wind: A north wind prevailed throughout the week, changing from NW to NE mid-week and then back to NW on Friday. Most days had winds of 5-15 mph.

Tides: A high of 0.7 ft. at 3:59 pm on Sun., Jan 17.

Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon on Sat., Jan. 16.

Summary: Turneffe Flats hosted a nice mix of anglers, scuba divers, and Atoll adventurers this week. Four skiffs carrying 8 anglers fished most days with a couple of anglers also enjoying other activities such as diving and our eco-tour. Although overcast skies and less-than-ideal light conditions bothered the fishing, good results were reported by all. Some new saltwater anglers caught and released their first bonefish. Here is the play-by-play …

Return guest Mike S. of McMinnville,OR, visited for the second time in a year. Fishing with Mark, Mike prefered to focus primarily on bonefish and various reef species. He had good bonefishing and also landed several nice barracuda, snappers, and jacks. Mike noted that his fishing was better than last time; or as he said, “maybe I was just better.” We hope to see Mike again soon.

Dan & Amy A., from Charleston, SC, made their first time visit with Turneffe Flats. Dan & Amy fished with Daniel and chose to return to have lunch at the lodge so Amy could fish as little or as much as she wished. On day one, Amy caught and released her first of many bonefish. During the week, both anglers reported solid bonefishing and Dan also had shots at permit late in the week. As a certified diver, Dan took the opportunity to get two dives in on Wed. before rejoining Amy & Daniel to continue fishing for the afternoon. Dan did a night dive on Wed. for a long and varied day of activity.

Jim N. & Gary B., of Duluth, GA, chose to spend a half week with us before heading to the mainland to spend some time in the jungle as part of our Inland/Island package . Gary and Jim are experienced freshwater anglers, but had little experience in a flats environment. Paired with Dubs, both anglers focused on bonefishing. They wanted a “well-rounded” experience and split their time being poling from the skiff and wading. Solid fishing was enjoyed by both anglers with good bonefishing all three days. Both anglers remarked how peaceful it was on the flats and were astounded with how much life there was as well. Jim said that he needs to do more saltwater fishing in the future and I’m sure we will see both of these anglers as return guests.

Carol & Rick S., of Longmont, CO, were carryover guests from the previous week. Continuing their fishing with Pops, Rick had some difficulty seeing the bonefish due to a mix of sun and clouds. Carol caught her first bonefish on a fly on the first day of her stay. This was after having only one fly fishing lesson prior to coming.

Also, visiting this week was Anja & Jeff, of Dallas, TX. They started the week as part of our Atoll Adventure program and after a mix of snorkeling and wildlife viewing (manatees, porpoise, etc. …) Jeff switched to fishing and spent a couple of days with Dion. With this being Jeff’s initial saltwater experience, he fished with both fly and spin gear over the first couple of days, though he migrated more and more to the fly rod. Jeff reported multiple bonefish landed each day and often then made additional casts to bonefish cruising the “home flat” in front of the resort at day’s end. Anja had a great time with naturalist guide Abel and decided to spend the final morning in a Belizean cooking class learning some of the ins and outs of the local cooking.

January 9 -16, 2016

Weather: A weak cold front passed early in the week with light north winds. This transitioned to beautiful conditions for the second half of the week.

Air Temp: Highs of upper-70s to mid-80s

Water Temp: 78 - 80 degrees

Wind: N to NW winds of 5-10mph on Sat., Sun., and Mon., switching to E and SE 5-15 for Tues.thru Fri.

Tides: The lower of our two high tides was 0.5 ft at 10:11am on Jan 9.

Moon Phase: Jan. 9 began a New Moon.

Bonefish Tarpon Trust President Emeritus, Matt Connolly, visited, making for an enjoyable, interesting and educational week. Alexander Zale, leader of the Montana State University Fisheries Research Unit and Rod Mast from Oceanic Society also stayed with us to add to the experience. During the week, Matt, Al and Craig Hayes, from Turneffe Flats all gave evening presentations about conservation-related challenges to our fisheries. The BTT group, along with other guests at TFlats, produced more than 60 fin clippings from released bonefish for genetic testing. You can find out more about these groups and their projects at:

Although the conservation efforts added an extra dimension to the week, fishing was the main agenda with a full lodge of anglers – 6 of whom were return guests.  

Rick H., Phil S., and Matt C. and Steve R., were all part of the BTT group. Several had previously stayed with us, but for some it had been a number of years. Fishing with guides Daniel, Dion and Mike they rotated fishing partners during the week. Phil focused on bonefish while Matt, Rick, and Steve spent a good share of their time stalking permit. Phil landed plenty of bonefish and had a stellar day on Thurs. releasing more than 20 bonefish. As the weather brightened after the first two days, the others began seeing plenty of permit. Steve struck first, landing a big permit on Wed. Matt then played and landed a nice permit, again with Dion. Determined not to be outdone, Steve brought a second permit to hand on Thurs.

Stuart R., from Macro Island, FL., returned to Turneffe Flats for his second visit this year. Stuart has set a goal of catching 100 permit in his lifetime and thought he “best be getting on with it.” Fishing with Mark, he had ample shots at permit, but couldn't find the “right fish, in the right mood.” Unfortunately, Stuart didn't make any headway on his goal although he did hook and lose a couple of permit. Thanks Stuart, it's always a pleasure!

First time guests Rick and Carol S.from Longmoth, CO, arrived mid-week to fish with Pops The angling pair hoped to make Carol’s first saltwater experience a pleasurable and memorable one. With only one fly fishing lesson under her belt, Carol cast to, strip-set, and landed her first bonefish on her second day. She progressed from there and hopefully we will have more to report next week.

Fishing with TF guide Kimbral, Carl S., from Ipswich, MA, also enjoyed his initial saltwater experience. Carl was impressed by the natural beauty of Turneffe Atoll and began the week wading for bonefish. Carl's wife, Diane, joined our naturalist guide Abel on our Atoll Adventure/eco-tour program. Carl raved about Kimbral’s ability to see bonefish as well as his patient demeanor during his “poor casting periods.” Carl caught numerous bonefish during his stay and also took a stab at permit fishing. Although no permit was landed, Carl remarked that his skills progressed each day we hope to see both Carl and Diane back in the near future.

Adrian F., Tampa, FL., arrived for his initial bonefishing experience at TF, fishing on a two-day stay Thurs. and Fri. Adrian is a well-versed saltwater angler who chose to spin fish most of the time. He also tried some fly fishing with veteran guide, Willy. Willy and Adrian fished opportunistically targeting bonefish as well as various jacks, snappers, and barracuda. Adrian was wishing that he had stayed with us longer and we hope visits again soon.

Hailing from Sammamish, WA, John and Joyce G. were also past TF guests. John started early each day with Dubs. Joyce planned to fish, but didn't make it to the skiff after spending her first day with Abel and our other Atoll Adventurers. She fell in love with the wonderful snorkeling and Abel's educational experience and chose to continue her Atoll Adventure for the full week. John had good success bonefishing, which improved as he and Dubs worked more closely. John reported a “higher catch rate” than he had during his first stay last year. He remarked that he was continuing to learn more each day.