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Scuba Diving Belize's Turneffe Atoll, Belize's Best Scuba Diving Resort - Turneffe Flats Belize

Here is important information about booking fly fishing, Scuba diving, or Snorkeling adventure with Turneffe Flats in Belize.


The following information will allow you to be fully prepared for your upcoming trip to Turneffe Flats.  Please read it carefully.  

Travel :  DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT.  A valid passport is required to enter Belize.  We recommend that you carry a change of clothing and your necessary personal items such as medications in your carry-on bag.  Although we have not had a substantial problem with lost luggage, this can help prevent some major headaches.  Keep the bottom portion of your Immigration Form, which you will fill out on your arriving flight. It will be used when you depart Belize.

Currency:   U.S. currency is easily exchanged within Belize at a rate of $2 BLZ for $1 U.S., and you do not need to exchange money before travel. Large U.S. bills ($50's and $100's) are difficult to break, and we suggest that you bring smaller bills. Other currencies should be exchanged for Belizean dollars or U.S. dollars prior to traveling to Belize. Turneffe Flats accepts VISA, AMEX, MasterCard and Discover. Major Credit Cards are accepted in Belize City.

Arrival:  Flights must arrive no later than 3:30 p.m. Upon arrival at Belize International Airport (BZE), you will pick up your luggage, clear Customs and exit the airport.  In case you need assistance with your luggage (a very short distance), airport porters are available. As you exit Customs, a Turneffe Flats representative will meet you and transport you to our boat dock along Belize City's waterfront area. There you will be notified of the boat’s scheduled departure time, which varies according to guest arrivals.  There is a restaurant/bar nearby at the Radisson Hotel & Marina for lunch or a beverage while you wait to leave for Turneffe Flats.  If for some reason you cannot find a representative of Turneffe Flats at the airport, please take a taxi to the Radisson Hotel and notify their receptionist.

If your arrival flight is delayed and you miss our transfer boat, you will need to stay in Belize City on Saturday overnight. You may catch our guide boat at 7:30 am Sunday, however if the guide boat is full, we will need to hire a charter to take you across. This will be at your own expense, though Turneffe Flats can arrange the charter.  If needed, we will assist with your Saturday night arrangements and please contact the island (671-9022 locally in Belize) or the Reservations Office (888-512-8812) about arrangements for your transfer to Turneffe Flats on Sunday morning. The cost of meals and lodging, and/or the private charter in Belize City is not covered in your Turneffe Flats package.

Boat Trip to Turneffe:  The boat trip to Turneffe Flats takes approximately 90 minutes. You will travel through several offshore cayes, the Barrier Reef, across open ocean and then through the interior lagoon of Turneffe Atoll to Turneffe Flats.

Meals:  We pride ourselves in providing quality dining complete with fresh fruits, fresh seafood and fresh baked pastries. Meals are served family-style in the main lodge, and are a tasty combination of Belizean and American dishes.  The coffeepot in your room will be prepared and ready to go.  A breakfast of fresh fruit, cereal, eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage and fresh baked goods is served from 7:00-8:00 am.  Lunch at the lodge, is served between noon and 2:00 pm.  Guests will have the daily option of returning for lunch or taking a packed lunch.  Hors d' oeuvres and cocktails are served at 6:15.  Dinner, at 7:00 pm, is the big meal of the day.  Entrees vary from seafood, chicken, pork and beef.  

Dress:  Dress at the lodge is casual and there is no need for formal clothing.

Main Lodge:  The social center for Turneffe Flats is our centrally air-conditioned main lodge, which includes our dining area and bar.  A pre-dinner gathering for hors d'oeuvres, drinks and conversation is customary.  The large breezy veranda is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the evening.  The gift shop is also located in this building.  

Guest Rooms:  Our accommodations include eight large cabanas located on the beach plus two large three-bedroom villas. Our sea-side cabanas have a panoramic view of the Caribbean and Turneffe Atoll reef.   Our Reef Villa is located on the beach with a wonderful view of the reef. The Garden Villa is a deluxe accommodation set back 50 yards from the beach but with a fantastic view as well.  Our new Pelican Villa is located on the beach with a fantastic view of Pelican Caye. The Pelican Villa has two rooms and a living room area. This can be reserved as a two bedroom villa or a 1-bedroom suite plus a stand alone bedroom and bath. All rooms are air-conditioned and most are furnished with two queen sized beds, although the Pelican Villa has one king sized bed. All rooms have private bathrooms.

Power:   Turneffe Flats is operated with diesel generators, which supply 110V/220V AC.  Generators run around the clock and are not within hearing distance of guest rooms.

Water:  Water is primarily supplied by rainwater collection and desalinization.  Our fresh water supply is somewhat limited, and we ask that guests conserve water when possible.  

Internet Access: We do have wireless internet access in our Main Lodge and in some of the nearer cabins.  This services provides email and internet usage; however, our satellite-based bandwidth is limited and we are NOT able to support Skype or other VOIP protocols, instant messenger services, Youtube, video downloads, webcam, streaming video, IP  TV, IP based mobile phones or other applications that require large amounts of bandwidth.

Bar:  Our bar is well stocked with at scotch, bourbon, gin, rum, vodka, tequila, vermouth and several liqueurs.  In addition, we have red and white wine as well as local Belikin beer.  Liquor, beer and drink setups are not included in your package price.  Individual tabs are kept, and you can check on your tab at any time during your stay.   

Lodge Expenses:   At the end of your stay, you may pay your tab with cash or credit card – Turneffe Flats accepts VISA, AMEX, MasterCard & Discover. Tips are best paid with cash but if you wish to use your credit card, a 3% charge will be levied on that portion of your tab. Also, please remember we have a limited amount of change available at the resort.  

Belize Tours:  We can help arrange tours of the many points of interest in Belize either before or after your stay at Turneffe Flats. These arrangements are best made prior to your departure with the reservation office or through your booking agent.

If your outgoing flight leaves you with a couple of hours, you might want to spend them touring the Maya ruins at Alta Hun, visiting the Belize Zoo or seeing the Museum of Belize.  

Once “Her Majesty’s Prison,” the Museum  now houses Maya artifacts and other relics. Other Belize City points of interest: the Swing Bridge, Supreme Court Building, Government House of Culture and St. John’s Anglican Church, constructed in 1812 from bricks brought as ballast from European Sailing ships.

About 30 miles from Belize City, Altun Ha is one of the easiest Maya site to reach and explore. Settlements here date back to about 200 B.C.

As for the zoo, it’s small, friendly and unique.  It is home to Belize's  stunningly beautiful jaguar and other native species.

Tips:  As you are often asked about customary tipping practices, we offer the following suggestions for you convenience.  Tips should be paid in cash as the resort has a limited amount of change and we suggest that all tipping be done at the end of your visit.  Suggestions below are in US dollars.  

  • Fishing Guides: $50-$100 per skiff per day. For a shared boat this is $25-$50 per angler per day. For a private boat and guide, the tip can be adjusted accordingly..

  • Dive Staff: $20-$40 per diver per day. This amount covers the Dive Master, Boat Captain, Dive Assistants and those filling tanks.

  • Atoll Adventure Guides: $20-$40 per guest per day.

  • Lodge Staff: $100-$200 per guest per week. This covers the kitchen, waitresses, housekeeping staff and baggage handlers.

Emergencies:  If you have an emergency, please call our Reservations Office at 888-512-8812.  The phone number on the island is 011-501-671-9022 but it may be difficult to contact the island directly after 5:00 pm.

Global Rescue provides the finest medical and evacuation insurance within the travel industry, Turneffe Flats recommends you consider a membership when booking the trip of a lifetime.

Global Rescue provides unparalleled emergency medical services and conducts medical evacuations from the point of illness or injury back to your home country and hospital of choice. In addition, a Global Rescue membership also includes 24/7 access to critical care paramedics, and in-house physicians backed by specialists from Johns Hopkins Hospital System.

Before traveling to Turneffe Flats, we recommend you consider a Global Rescue membership. If you have questions or would like to sign up please visit, or call Global Rescue at +1-617-459-4200.

Departure from Turneffe Flats:  After a light breakfast on Saturday, you will leave Turneffe Flats at approximately 7:30 a.m. Upon arrival in Belize City, you will be transferred to the airport. We can accommodate any departing flight scheduled at 11:00 a.m. or later. Your airline MAY collect a departure tax at check-in of up to $40 U.S. per person depending on how your ticket was purchased. For guests with mid-late afternoon departures, we can arrange a half-day tour of a Mayan Ruin or The Belize Zoo with a local tour operator if you like.