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Bonefishing Belize - Turneffe Flats Belize

Come bonefishing in Belize on the expansive flats of Turneffe Atoll, one of the most productive bonefishing locations in the Caribbean.  Turneffe Flats offers the best access to the these bonefish fishing flats.

Bonefishing Belize

Fly Fishing for bonefish on Turneffe Atoll in Belize.  Jim Klug Photo
Fly Fisher casting a fly to a tailing bonefish in Belize

For decades, bonefishing has been the core of the Turneffe Atoll's varied flats fishery.  Our ocean-side flats off miles offer firm, wadeable flats filled with large schools of bonefish, and Turneffe Atoll is the one destination in Belize where casting to double-digit bonefish is a good possibility.  

During a day of bonefishing at Turneffe it is common to see hundreds of bonefish with schools on the flats often in excess of fifty  fish.  Our bonefish average 3 - 4 pounds but it is not at all unusual to hook 6 - 8 pound fish and 10+ pound bonefish are regularly seen.

In Turneffe's Central and Northern lagoons, bonefishing is most often done from the bow of a skiff.  Bonefish in the lagoon take on a beautiful brownish-green coloration allowing them to blend better with the bottom.  This fishing is primarily to cruising singles or small schools.  Accuracy is key to this challenging, fun fishing.

Another happy angler catch a big one while fly fishing for bonefish in Belize.  Steve Turner Photo

Distinctly golden-colored bonefish are occasionally seen at Turneffe. As far as we can determine, these Golden Bonefish are only seen at Turneffe Atoll. They stand out clearly from the rest of the school and are often in the middle of a school making them difficult to hook.  They are also often one of the largest fish in the school.  On occasion , a Golden is landed and released - note photo below.

For bonefishing we recommend a 7 or 8 weight rod with a reel capable of holding at least 150 yards of backing.  Floating lines are imperative, particularly when wading, and our flies tend to be smaller than those used. elsewhere - generally 6's and 8's but also some 10's.  A couple of well-know bonefish flies have been developed at Turneffe Flats including the Pops Bonefish Biltters created by Craig Mathews with the help of guide Winston "Pops" Cabral and the ToDyFor named after long-time Turneffe Flats guide, Willy Dyer.

School of tailing bonefish at sunset.  Photo by Steve Turner