Atoll Adventurer's Comments

"Abel was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and the best snorkel guide I have ever seen. I learned so much and it was so much fun. He really seemed to care about making the most out of our trip. He is an asset to your lodge.
    Kristin Thompson, January 2011

"Abel is excellent. We couldn't have done more or asked for anything better. He is a gem.
    Claudia and Paul Foster, December2010
"The Atoll Adventure is a fantastic and unique offering for a fishing lodge. Abel makes the days rich in wonder, while always keeping me safe and confident. I snorkeled in areas I never would have gone to without Abel. From 3 feet of water to 70' they were fabulous snorkel trips. We saw manatee, crocodiles, birds and dolphin. Abel knew where to find them and related information and stories all day. Abel  has so much knowledge and his way with people is relaxed, educational, and confident."
        Mary Kay Hannon, November '10

"We loved Abel - he is so knowledgeable!  We had a really great time!  The staff is absolutely the best!  We really did leave feeling that we made new friends."
     Kyle and Lauren Pershing, October '10

"Abel is truly a special person and represents the Lodge and the Atoll with the utmost professionalism."
     Paul Robertson, October '10

"Abel was beyond excellent. He showed us many things we'd have never seen on our own and was enjoyable company.
     Peter and Jeanna Fanning, August '10

"Fantastic!!! Abel is a great asset: pleasant, flexible, knowledgable."
      Elizabeth Sevilla, April, 10

"Your operation is absolutely first rate and the attention to detail is obvious. Bravo! Abel (Atoll Adventure Guide) is absolutely wonderful."
     Laurie Bernstein, January '10

"I had never snorkeled before. In fact, I don't even get my face wet in the shower. Abel coached me along with professionalism and a lot of patience. He turned apprehension into a week of enjoyment."
      Sue Weickert, November, '09

"My wife, Jen, absolutely loved the atoll adventure activities. Abel was able to get her snorkeling which was a feat in itself "
      Chris Lali, June '08

"Very high quality service, very good food and comfortable accommodations. The Atoll Adventure is exactly what it implies - one adventure after another. The guide's knowledge made snorkeling lots of fun and exploring even richer and more rewarding"
      Chuck Schaeffer, May '08

"T. Flats is an extremely well run operation with excellent staff and facilities/equipment. We learned a lot and really enjoyed our Atoll Adventure guide".
Andy and Judy Burnett, February '08

"Abel could have his own show the the Nature Channel. Our family learned a lot about the animals, birds, and marine life of the atoll. He is a delightful person and we were impressed with his sensitivity and diplomacy. We had a wonderful time and thank everyone at Turneffe Flats for taking such good care of us. It was an experece that Lili and our children will remember forever."
           Chris and Lili Carmel, February '08

"The guides capabiity as a snorkel guide was incredible. I've snorkeled the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Pacific and any place that I can... Abel is number 1."
           Myrna Fischer, February '08

"Abel made it a very educational trip. We enjoyed him very much."
          Carol Manuel, February'08

" Abel went above and beyond expectations. His detailed knowledge of udersea and aversea life is amazing and his attention to safety and all the needs must make him exceptional. Abel is extremely trustworthy and gifted."
         John and Kayla Fedpath, March '08

Chaa Creek and Chan Chich Combinatiion trip

"The combination with Chan Chich was perfect for us."         Tymstra Family, Jan '10 "Our first trip to Turneffe Flats and Chaa Creek - what an amazing place!"       Emily Leach & Darin Graf, Nov '05