Our Guides

We understand that a top notch guide is critical for  a good flats fishing vacation.  At Turneffe Flats you will be guided by experienced, knowledgeable, English-speaking guides.  With an average of nearly 20  years experience guiding on the flats, our guides are some of the most experienced and dedicated flats guides in the Caribbean.


 Robert "Dubs" Young

Dubs is the consummste professional guide who does everything well and with ease.  He comes from a family of fisherman and his first guiding opportunity came in 1983 when a local lodge manager came to Dubs' father. The older Mr. Young was too busy but offered his 16 year old son for the day. He did so well that he has been working as a guide at Turneffe ever since.  Dubs loves hunting for feeding permit and his easy going, friendly personality make him a pleasure to spend the day with. 


 Dion Young

Dion grew up commercial fishing at Turneffe Atoll with his father and older brother, Dubs. He has been guiding fly anglers at Turneffe  for more than two decades and says that his favorite part about fishing is being with the guests. Dion loves to fish for tarpon and permit and says he is always impressed by then size and strength of tarpon. In addition to fishing, Dion loves  basketball and spending time with his wife and two beautiful daughters.



Mark Hyde

Mark comes from a family of guides and began his guiding career many years ago at Turneffe Flats.  He spent a number as a successful years as an independent guide, and we are pleased to have Mark back at Turneffe Flats.  Known as one of the premier guides in Belize, Mark handles all aspects of guiding with ease and competence. His calm, pleasant demeanor makes days on the water with Mark a great experience.  He is an excellent caster and enjoys teaching his clients the fine points of saltwater fishing..  


Daniel Bennett

Daniel grew up in Belize City, where he learned to operate boats at an early age. He began working at Turneffe Flats as a teenager and has been one of our go-to guides for 10-15 years.  An excellent caster and teacher, Daniel takes his guiding very seriously. His patience is a great asset when helping beginner anglers or assisting experienced anglers with improving their casting.. When not guiding, Daniel loves to fish for tarpon. Daniel is also one of our best  boat Captains and frequently helps with guest services.



Michael Anderson

Michael comes from a long line of fishing guides including his grandfather, Eddie Hyde, who has guided  at Turneffe Flats for many years.  After working in our maintenance department for a couple of years, Michael began learning all that he could about fly fishing from our veteran guides.  His easy going personality makes him a natural and Michael is one of our best guides at  teaching new fly anglers the intricacies of casting and details of flats fishing.  A superb caster himself, Michael is also good communicator allowing his anglers to learn quickly. 


John Gongora

John's easy going approach, sense of humor and ability to find fish creates a great experience for John's guests.  He is comfortable with beginners or expert anglers and enjoys spending time teaching his client the details that will help them catch more fish. John is also an experienced Dive Master and occasionally leads a dive group.  Theses days, however, he spends 90% of his time poling the flats in search of bonefish, permit and tarpon.  


 Carlton "Capt" Westby

Carlton comes from a well-known fly fishing family in Belize and he began guiding at Turneffe Flats in 1994. Carlton is an accomplished fly caster and one of the best boat Captains in Belize - thus his nickname, "Capt." He has been a harbor Captain, a charter Captain and a live-aboard dive boat Captain. Carlton particularly enjoys  the "hunting" involved in tarpon and permit fishing. 


 Kimbral Williams

Kimbral loves fishing and enjoys sharing his passion for with his clients. His favorite fishing is searching for permit.  Kimbral is an experienced and patient instructor who believes that the most important element of his job is communicating with his guests and helping them to become better anglers. He says there is nothing better than sharing the excitement with his guests when they land a fish. 


Eddie Hyde

Eddie has been guiding anglers at Turneffe Flats since more than 20 years and guided elsewhere in Belize for many years prior to that. Eddie has probably forgotten more about flats fishing than most people will ever know. An accomplished fly caster, he particularly enjoys wading the extensive flats around Turneffe Atoll.  His quiet, pleasant manner makes Eddie a joy to fish with and with his 30 years of flats fishing experience, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. When he’s not fishing, Eddie enjoys working on his farm near Cotton Tree Village.  


Willie Dyer

One of the first guides on the atoll, Willie Dyer has been working for Turneffe Flats since 1987. Prior to his guiding career, Willie worked as a commercial fisherman based out of his hometown, Belize City. His calm demeanor as well as his vast expanse of Turneffe knowledge, have proven helpful for anglers of all skill levels. In his free time, Willie enjoys spending time with his family in Placencia.

 Winston "Pops" Cabral

Pops has been guiding for Turneffe Flats since 1987, and prior to that he guided elsewhere in Belize. Pops began working with his family as a commercial fisherman at Turneffe Atoll at age 14, and remembers spending holidays on a small caye at the south tip of Turneffe. Pops is passionate about his bonefishing and has helped develop a number of well-known bonefish flies including the "Pops Bonefish Bitters." Guiding is special for Pops and he takes his fishing seriously. He enjoys the wide variety of fishing at Turneffe including permit fishing and tarpon fishing.