Scuba Diving Belize

                  Dive Turneffe Atoll and Lighthouse Reef

Belize's Atolls consistently ranks among the World's top dive locations and Turneffe Flats is ideally located to take advantage of Belize's very best Scuba diving. Our extaordinary dive program offers 18 dives each week including a day of diving at Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole, weather permitting. 

We easily access more than  60 dive sites around  the Turneffe Atoll; and are within an hour's boat ride to the Blue Hole.  At Turneffe Flats, we offer true valet dive service.  After putting your dive gear on your porch the first morning, it is washed and set up on the dive boat the remainder of the week.  All you need to do is walk to the dive boat after a delicious breakfast and head for one of our exceptional dive sites.  

We emphasize personalized service for a limited number of divers, generally no more that twelve on our Pro 48.  Our superb dive team is led by Belize's Tour Guide of the Year,  Alex Edwards, and they make every effort to ensure that your stay at our tropical paradise is as comfortable and carefree as possible. 

We recognize that a dive vacation is more than just diving, and we do our best to make your entire experience is something special.  While diving throughout the Turneffe Atoll, you will see a variety of hard and soft corals as well as all of the Caribbean tropicals, eagle rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins, moray eels, and occasionally a whale shark in addition to large schools of permit, horse eye jacks and dog snapper.

A Typical Days Diving

Following a great breakfast, a typical dive day begins at 8:00 and includes three boat dives. Depending on our dive location, we either return to the resort  for lunch or pack a  lunch.  Travel to our dive sites takes from ten minutes to an hour with our longest trip to the Blue Hole. On Blue Hole day we leave between 7:00 and 7:30 AM which oftern makes us the first boat at the site. Our weekly night dive is usually on Wednesday evening; and we generally dive the Elbow, at the Southern tip of Turneffe, later in the week.  OnFridays, we do two or three dives depending on divers flights the following day. 

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Our Dive Locations

As the largest and most biologically diverse coral atoll in the Caribbean, Turneffe offers spectacular underwater terrain including spur and groove formations, sandy ledges and sheer walls providing spectacular dive sites suited for every level of diver.  Our location, near the middle of the seaward side of the Atoll, allows us good access to all of Turneffe's dive sites allowing our dive guests  the opportunity to dive the best possible sites each day regardless of weather.

The Eastern side of Turneffe is protected by 35 miles of reef. It shelves gradually to about 60 feet where spur and groove formations meet the wall. Nutrients from the mangroves are dispersed to the reef by the tides causing large concentrations of feeding fish to congregate.

On the West side of the Atoll, large mangroves stands provide shelter from the trade winds and  heavy seas.  A gently sloping bottom lies at 30-50 feet with large coral formations covering the white sand bottom. The reduced wave action allows sponges and soft corals to grow magnificently and sea feathers of 5 feet are common.

The North side of Turneffe is sometimes effected  by trade wind swells but on the calmer days we can explore these mostly untouched dive sites. Schools of mutton snapper, Atlantic spadefish and permit hover 80 feet above the sea floor and blue runners make close passes, apparently attracted by the bubbles of the strange "Neoprene-clad creatures".

Turneffe's Southern point offers a variety of popular dive sites featured in many of the Belize dive guides. The Elbow is probably the best know site here with the ocean current sweeping over the deep reef to attract schools of pelagic fish. As you travel up the Southwest or Southeast sides of the atoll, dive sites vary from patch reef nurseries with dramatic coral formations to steep drop-offs.

                                    TURNEFFE FLATS DIVE OPTIONS

                  Great Barracuda           

              Spawning Barrel Sponge
                     Striped Burrfish                  Spotted Eagle Ray      

Personalized Service

We specialize in providing personalized service for small dive groups and try to be as flexible as possible with our diving. New divers can gain experience with the individual attention they may require and experienced divers can enjoy the freedom of spectacular wall diving, drift diving and underwater photography opportunities.

On the dive boat, we provide towels, cold drinks and fresh fruit as well as a fresh water rinse tank for camera equipment. Unless you request otherwise, you do not have to handle your dive equipment during your stay. Our staff will change all tanks and rinse your dive gear daily before storing it.

The Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef
A hightlight of any dive vaction in  Belize is a trip to the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Atoll.  Our location offers excellent access to the Blue Hole; and, weather permitting, a weekly trip to the Blue Hole is a standard part of our Dive Program.  This is  a full day trip with the the initial dive at the Blue Hole generally  followed by Half Moon Hall and  the Aquarium.  A mid-day stop at Half Moon Caye for a picnic lunch and a visit to the Red Footed Boobie Bird Sancturary is a hightlight.

Dive Safety

Your dive safety is of the utmost importance to Turneffe Flats.  For this reason, and to ensure that you see the best of the marine life, a qualified Divemaster and/or Instructor is in the water at all times. We use the buddy system, conduct safety stops on every dive and plan adequate surface intervals between dives. Our staff is First Aid & Oxygen First Aid trained and we are affiliated with Subaquatic Safety Services which operates the Hyperbaric Chamber in Belize.


Nitrox is available as is Nitrox Certification.

For more information about diving at Turneffe Flats or to book your next diving adventure - send us an email at - - or call us at 1-888-512-8812