We have a good supply of our best flies for sale
                              at the lodge.

Bonefish Flies

A variety of bonefish flies work well at Turneffe, and the best patterns vary somewhat from day to day. Small flies (6's, 8's, and some 10's) work best on our shallow, wadeable flats.

Bonefish flies for the ocean side flats at Turneffe should be unweighted or very lightly weighted. These bonefish are often in a few inches of water and weighted flies hang up too easily.  Some anglers prefer weed guards and they can be useful; however, most of our guides feel that the disadvantages of making it harder to hook fish outweigh the advantages.

On deeper flats and particularly around the mangrove islands in the center of Turneffe, larger, weighted flies are preferable. Small crab patterns also work well here.

Some of the better Bonefish patterns for Turneffe are the following:

  • Pops' Bonefish Bitters, #6 and #8 (Olive and Amber)
  • Pops' Egghead Bitters, #6 and #8 (Olive and Amber)
  • To-Dy-For, (a small unweighted shrimp pattern in white and olive)
  • Crazy Charlies - chartreuse, white, pink & brown (unweighted for outer flats)
  • Gotcha, #6 and #8
  • Horror, #6 and #8
  • Baited Breath, #6 and #8
  • Enrico Puglisi's Turneffe Micro Shrimp & Turneffe Micro Crab
  • Various small crab patterns and several other unweighted shrimp patterns

Permit Flies
Although Del Brown's Permit Fly,  in various modifications,  are nearly always "the crab of choice," a wide  variety of other crab patters work well.  Generally, larger, heavier crab patterns (#2 to 1/0) are preferred for the deeper flats and smaller, lighter  flies work well on the shallow or  wadeable flats.

Popular permit patterns include:
  • Del Brown's Permit Fly (Merkin)size #2 to 1/0
  • Enrico Puglisi's EP Crab (#2 to 1/0)
  • Craig Mathew's  Turneffe Crab
  • Various other Crab patterns #2 and 1/0
  • Smaller, lighter variations for the shallow flats

Tarpon Flies
  • Apte-style tarpon flies in various color combinations. Dark colors tend to be better in the early morning and brighter colors work best when the sun is bright.
  • Deceiver patterns - various colors
  • Abel Anchovy
  • All tarpon flies in sizes 3/0 to 4/0

Barracuda Flies
  • Various barracuda patterns with 2/0 tandem hooks and wire leaders.
  • Saltwater Poppers #2 to 2/0

Other Flies to Bring
  • Clouser Minnows #4 to #2
  • Saltwater Poppers #2 to 1/0